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How Tiger Woods Won His First Title in 5 Years

On Sunday, during a Tour Championship in Atlanta, it came in what was once standard Tiger fashion. His sizzling start on Saturday — 6 birdies in a initial 7 holes — gave him a cushion; he entered a final turn with a three-shot lead. Dressed in his Sunday red, feat red, Woods struck a fairways he needed. Almost all went his way. On a 15th hole, his tee shot landed to a right of a water-lined green: his shot stayed out of a drip, barely. Things got a bit jumpy on a 17th, as after dual true bogeys his lead had shrunk to dual strokes. He faced a potentially catastrophic chip shot, in some deepish rough, nearby a green. A camera dreaming him before a shot; he stepped behind and snipped. Recomposed, he stranded it to within 4 feet and saved par.

No one really threatened: Woods could for a many partial suffer a valedictory finish, a adore of his stadium-sized galleries. “Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!” a people shouted. Woods won his initial contest in some-more than 5 years, a 80th of his career, finishing during 11 underneath par, dual shots transparent of Billy Horschel, who finished during 9-under. Justin Rose of Great Britain, on a strength of a 18th hole birdie, won a FedEx Cup playoffs, creation him a season-long champion of a PGA Tour. Rose got a $10 million reward for his efforts. Woods finished second in a FedEx Cup, good for $3 million.

Sure, a Tour Championship’s not a major, and we mostly remember a majors. But make no mistake: Woods’ win Sunday ranks right adult there with other shining moments of his unaccompanied career.

As recently as Apr of final year, Woods indispensable his fourth behind medicine in 3 years. His latest comeback, already gossamer as age and a golf’s wear and rip was throwing adult with him, strike another obstacle when, on Memorial Day of 2017, he was arrested for DUI nearby his home in Jupiter, Fla. Police found him alone and defunct during a wheel. Woods had 5 opposite drugs in his system. He after checked into a hospital to assistance him conduct remedy pain remedy and a nap disorder.

Woods pronounced he only wanted his life back. The surgeries done it tough for him to pierce around and lift his kids. Forget about golf. He never knew what was on a other side of his rehab. The outcome exceeded everyone’s prognosis, and now emanate even some-more heated expectations.

Start with a Ryder Cup, a biannual general contest that is being played outward Paris after this week. Woods has warranted a mark on Team USA, that is perplexing to win back-to-back titles over Team Europe for a initial time given 1993. Woods has never unequivocally starred during a Ryder Cup; for years, one hit on Woods was that he cared some-more about his particular play during a year than a general group tournaments (though can we censure him? Golf’s utterly an particular sport). At his final Ryder Cup, in 2012 in Medinah, Ill., Woods finished 0-3-1 in his matches. His back, however, was bothering him that weekend. Six years later, he’s healthy and entrance off one of a many noted wins of his career. His participation should vitalise a Americans.

On a 18th hole Sunday in Atlanta, as Woods approached a East Lake Golf Club immature with a win all though in hand, he walked beside personification partner Rory McIlroy, with a smile. Pandemonium trailed them, as hundreds of fans poured onto a fairway to declare Woods bind a victory. They looked like acolytes following their leader. The stage was suggestive of Tiger’s early days, when he perplexed his competition like no one ever will. Who suspicion we’d see something identical dual decades later?

“USA! USA!” some of them chanted, pumping themselves adult for a Ryder Cup. “I only didn’t wish to get run over,” Woods joked afterwards. He attempted not to rip adult on a green. He tapped in a standard to win it, leaned over a hole to bravery a round out — gingerly, so as not to tweak that behind — and rose both arms into a air. A champion again. With a guarantee of so most some-more to come.

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