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How To Make Your Own #TalkToMe Video

A #TalkToMe Video In 5 Easy Steps

1) Prepare your questions!

Below are some some suggested questions (more good ideas are here) though of march you’re acquire to use your own.

  • Tell me something you’ve never told me.
  • What do we know now that we wish we knew when we were my age?
  • Tell me a story of a happiest impulse you’ve ever had.
  • What is a hardest plea you’ve faced in your life?
  • What’s a biggest doctrine you’d like to pass onto destiny generations?
  • What are some of a small things we did for yourself or a family that done a biggest impact?
  • If we could have one wish for me and my children, what would it be?
  • If we had to select one purpose indication for me, who would it be and why?

2) Get a good shot

Key pointers for sharpened video with your phone:

  • Set your phone on something fast and during eye line with both participants. This is improved than carrying possibly a third chairman filming.
  • Sit during a 45-degree angle confronting any other (not true during any other or true ahead). Look during any other, not a camera!
  • Light in front of we creates a shot better, light behind we creates it worse.

3) Tell your friends what you’re adult to

A good outline will constraint your friends’ courtesy and assistance them know what your foster is about.

Try: “Here we am with [my parent/child], taking partial in The Huffington Post’s ‪Talk To Me array highlighting critical conversations between generations. Make your possess on Facebook Live! #TalkToMe”

4) Go live with a clever connection

Check your phone to make certain that we have a clever vigilance before going live. Try to find a plcae where you’re on wifi or have during slightest a 4G connection.

You can also download a Speedtest app from a app store. Higher than 1 Mbps upload speed is good speed for broadcasting (the higher, a better).

5) Use a hashtag #TalkToMe, and tab some friends!

Once you’ve finished your interview, tell your family and friends to do a same. And remember to make a video open if you’d like it to be featured on HuffPost!

Questions? Email us during TalkToMe [at] huffingtonpost.com. Also, feel giveaway to let us know when we post a video so we can assistance foster it! We can’t wait to see what we come adult with.

Article source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/talk-to-me-facebook-live_us_570075a6e4b083f5c607e3ea