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How tourists can save lives on their travelsNot Just Tourists around CNN

The medical reserve are finished adult in suitcases by volunteers during unchanging “packing parties.”

(CNN) – Vacationing in building countries can infrequently leave travelers feeling uneasy, quite if they’re endangered that tourism might be doing some-more mistreat than good.

But giving behind doesn’t indispensably have to meant months of proffer work.

In fact, tourists can assistance to make a disproportion in a nation they’re visiting by simply bringing along an additional enclosure with them.

Organization Not Just Tourists provides a use that allows travelers potentially to save lives by holding much-needed medical reserve to removed unfamiliar clinics.

“It’s kind of a tiny approach for travelers to contend appreciate we for a hospitality,” says Avi D’Souza, owner of a Not Just Tourists (NJT) Toronto branch.

The beginning

The NJT transformation began in St. Catharines, Ontario, in 1990, when alloy Ken Taylor and his mother Denise started privately delivering medical reserve to remote areas of Cuba after saying a miss of reserve during a bike outing to a country.

The integrate were shortly approached by others who wanted to get involved, and began contacting internal hospitals, pharmacies and drug companies for contributions.

D’Souza motionless to set adult a bend in Toronto after saying a enclosure being brought to a tiny island off a seashore of Honduras.

“I suspicion it was such a good idea,” he says. “I started it [the Toronto chapter] in my parent’s garage. It began with zero and we’ve grown to now carrying over 1,000 volunteers, promulgation to 63 conflicting countries.”

Over a years, a classification has stretched conflicting Canada, with branches in Ottawa, Montreal, London, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Saint John. It now distributes to several countries conflicting a world, including Syria and Peru.


The donations, that come from hospitals, clinics, medical suppliers and individuals, are finished adult in suitcases by volunteers during “packing parties” and upheld on to travelers who’ve sealed adult to move them to a plcae in need of medical reserve (NJT provides a list of all a clinics it delivers to on a website.)

“In Canada there’s oceans and oceans of medical supplies, so a lot of a donations come from home caring patients,” explains D’Souza.

“Families will mostly have reserve left over if their relations possibly gets improved or passes away.”

Volunteers are compulsory to empty a enclosure they’ll be delivering and check a contents, that customarily consists of bandages, masks, latex gloves, IV and blood contrast kits, before repacking them in sequence to accommodate confidence requirements.

They’re also supposing with a minute detailing accurately what’s inside and advising etiquette officials that they’re transporting a reserve to a sold medical facility.

“Everything is finished adult clearly so we can see accurately what you’re carrying when we repack,” says proffer Claudia Hon, a ubiquitous practitioner formerly formed in Canada, who took a enclosure of reserve from Toronto to Peru in 2016.

“You are also given a minute sealed by a health caring professional.”

The donations are classed as charitable assist and do not enclose any medicines, so a routine is wholly legal, though that doesn’t indispensably pledge travelers will always have a painless knowledge during customs.

“The worst-case unfolding is they allocate a enclosure and send we on your way,” explains D’Souza. “That’s substantially customarily happened around 8 times with us.”

While NJT doesn’t cover baggage-fee costs, many airlines won’t assign for an additional box once they know a traveler is carrying medical supplies.

Many countries, such as Cuba, concede visitors to move in adult to 10 kilograms of charitable aid. The suitcases, that are also donated, enclose $200 to $300 value of materials.

“Funnily enough, removing suitcases is a lot some-more severe than removing a medical supplies,” adds D’Souza.

Supplying remote clinics

As a reserve are carried by tourists, a destinations they strech count on that countries people are visiting.

This means Cuba receives a many donations from NJT as it’s renouned with Canadian tourists, along with Mexico and countries in Central America like Honduras and Guatemala.

“We’re perplexing to supply remote clinics and brush clinics. We don’t send to vital hospitals in large cities, as they are supposing for by a government,” says D’Souza.

“When we get into a some-more farming areas, you’ll find a clinics have a alloy and a building, though they have zero on a shelves. Those are a kind of places we’re perplexing to reach.”

While volunteers are mostly given a specific sanatorium to broach to, Hon sought one out herself on Isla Taquile during her outing to Peru, and says she found a knowledge quite rewarding.

“It’s [the suitcase] a special present that could save someone’s life,” she says. “Isla Taquile is so out of a way, they onslaught to get fast staffing, let alone arguable medical supplies.”

Although D’Souza stresses that a enclosure smoothness routine is customarily “smooth sailing,” he acknowledges there are probable risks when it comes to unfamiliar tourists visiting removed areas of building countries.

“I don’t consider this module is for everyone. It’s for a kind of people who are unequivocally prepared to step outward their comfort zones and take reserve to a places that need it,” he says.

“But in a over 1,000 suitcases we’ve sent from Toronto, we’ve never had a confidence incident.

“It’s always been a finish opposite. When people find out what you’re doing, they’ll go out of their approach to assistance you.”

Hon agrees. “It’s rewarding on all levels, a comfortable feeling we get from donating, from volunteering and assembly other like-minded people,” she says. “Being absolved to take palm finished and good suspicion out charitable gifts.

“Seeing a tour some people go on to get to those who can unequivocally advantage from this is only beautiful. Healthcare professionals rip adult when they comprehend a suitcases are from normal people who wish to help.”

The bigger impact

According to D’Souza, one proffer who trafficked to Cuba recounted assembly a diabetic who frequently walked 3 miles to get an insulin syringe and mostly finished adult regulating a same one over and over again until it could no longer mangle their skin.

Another told how they saw staff during a remote sanatorium soaking latex gloves and drying them on a garments line, while a conflicting proffer witnessed a bandages she’d brought in being used on a studious roughly immediately.

“It would be so most easier to send these reserve in a enclosure instead of make-up them in to suitcases and liaising with travelers and etiquette officials,” says D’Souza.

“When a traveler takes a enclosure they fundamentally have to pronounce to internal people. We find they have their eyes non-stop and make connectors to these communities and infrequently stay connected to them for a rest of their lives. That’s a bigger impact.”

Hon was so desirous by her knowledge as a proffer that she’s motionless to set adult a bend in her hometown of Bristol in a UK, and D’Souza is carefree that a transformation will keep spreading.

He says he’s mostly undone during not being means to strech certain areas in need since Canadian travelers don’t go there.

“I only don’t consider people know that we can even do this,” he says. “I’d adore to see an appendage in each city.

“I wish to see people get desirous and set adult chapters all over a universe and have a suspicion spread.

“The extraordinary thing about this classification is there’s no money. We don’t ask for financial donations. Everything is finished since people trust in it.”

Visit a Not Just Tourists website for some-more information about volunteering.

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