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How surprising is desertion of North Korean colonel? (+video)

South Korea announced Monday that a colonel belonging to North Korea’s tip view organisation had defected to a South, a singular open admission, generally for high-ranking officials.

The South’s Unification Ministry pronounced a colonel, who belonged to a North’s General Reconnaissance Bureau, had arrived in South Korea final year, according to Yonhap, a South Korean news agency. Some other outlets in a nation also reported that a North Korean diplomat who was formed in Africa defected final May, The New York Times reported.

The desertion is a manoeuvre for Seoul. The North set adult a General Reconnaissance Bureau in 2009, consolidating several comprehension agencies to streamline operations directed during a South, Reuters reports.

Its head, General Kim Yong Chol, is indicted by a South of being behind a 2010 shoot conflict opposite a South that sunk a navy boat and killed 46 sailors. The North denies any shortcoming for a sinking.

The business is also famous to work an chosen organisation of mechanism specialists operative to penetrate a networks of a South and other countries and to control cyber attacks opposite pivotal institutions.

The news comes customarily days after South Korea suggested that 13 North Koreans who had been operative in a same grill run by a North in another nation – some reports suggested China – had defected to a South. The organisation desertion was a largest given Kim Jong Un took care of a North in 2011.

Defections from North to South Korea are not uncommon, with some-more than 29,000 North Koreans carrying finished so given a finish of a Korean War in 1953. But while even some soldiers have been famous to defect, it is some-more singular for total as rarely ranked as colonels to do so.

Even some-more surprising was a South’s quick proclamation of such a high-level defection, a New York Times noted. Such announcements are customarily usually done once defectors have been entirely debriefed and when a supervision is comparatively certain a reserve of their families in a North won’t be jeopardized.

The timing of a proclamation per a 13 defected grill workers led some members of a categorical magnanimous antithesis Minjoo Party to credit regressive President Park Geun-hye’s supervision of perplexing to win votes before Wednesday’s parliamentary elections.

To date, a top turn North Korean to take haven in South Korea is Hwang Jang-yop, a comparison statute Workers’ Party central who died in 2010. Hwang’s 1997 desertion was seen by many South Koreans as a a bonus for comprehension and as a pointer a North’s domestic complement was inferior, according to a Associated Press.

Some North Koreans who forsake try to lapse home to revisit or even re-defect to a North, notwithstanding a danger, since of their enterprise to reconnect with friends and family, the BBC reported.

Such North Korean expats mostly pull for warmer family between a dual nations.

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