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HTC Vive owners can finally face a blank in ‘Adr1ft’

Orth says a ubiquitous control scheme, such as actor transformation and menu navigation, hasn’t altered most — yet interjection to a Vive’s suit controls, intent communication is an all new experience. “Reaching out for oxygen canisters, audio logs, terminals, collectibles, waste etc. with your arms while concurrently micro-tuning your transformation on a Wand pads and handling your oxygen adds an implausible new covering to a diversion that changes it fundamentally,” Orth pronounced on a ThreeOneZero blog, “For many of us on a team, it’s a favorite approach to play.”

The diversion didn’t get a full roomscale VR treatment, yet — Adr1ft on HTC Vive supports sitting and station knowledge only. That indeed creates a lot of sense, deliberation a zero-gravity gameplay. The developer also left in a strange gamepad control scheme, for players that cite a some-more infrequent experience. Don’t wish VR, yet still wish to get mislaid in space? You’re lonesome too: a diversion is also accessible on PlayStation 4, and launch on Xbox One after this summer.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2016/07/28/htc-vive-owners-can-finally-face-the-void-in-adr1ft/