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‘Hunger Games’ stars find concrete immortality is kinda hard

That glamorous feet and handprint rite outward Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theater is indeed harder than it looks.

People, consider about this when you’re holding your selfies on Hollywood Blvd with a finished product. Hard work went into these pieces.

The stars of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 found that out Saturday. Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth entered their hands and feet awkwardly into immortality.

Standing in cement, always unsettling

Just ask any member of a orderly crime world, feet in petrify is not how we wish to spend a Saturday morning. For these guys, it only looked kinda funny. But they were game.

And no critical boots were injured, not even Jennifer Lawrence’s four-inch heels.

“The  shoes were donated,” Lawrence told USA TODAY.

Writing in petrify is hard

The expel had some problems putting their signatures in a cement. Hutcherson found a middle generally taxing.

“It was indeed harder to write in a cement. It was strangely difficult. we already have unequivocally illegible handwriting. So it was additional tough for me.”

Lawrence pronounced she had problem scrawling in petrify while 30 photographers were yelling during her to demeanour adult from 20 feet away.

“I am essay something that is going to live in petrify forever. And everybody was perplexing to get me to demeanour adult while we am writing,” she said.

Lawrence gave full thoroughness on a signature.

You have to make a speech

Lawrence was a small taken aback stepping adult to a microphone afterwards.

Her debate was not immortal:

“I did not know we were going to have to make a speech…We’re unequivocally grateful…I consider we can contend that..Over to we Liam.”

It got all a approach to Hutcherson to finally appreciate a hundred or so fans watchful in a feverishness to see a stars.

He rocked it:

“I gotta give interjection to a ‘Hunger Games’ fans who were there from a beginning. You guys upheld us from before a initial film and it could have been unequivocally bad.”

Sausage-making, politics, petrify handprint-making. They ain’t always flattering to watch. But it all came out good in a end. Now and forever.

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Article source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/entertainthis/2015/10/31/hunger-games-stars-find-cement-immortality-footprint-handprint/74983014/


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