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Hurricane Irma: Why did a sea disappear nearby a Bahamas?

Kenny Chesney has prolonged sought retreat from a spotlight of celebrity in a Caribbean, vital during slightest partial of any year during his home on a U.S. Virgin Island of St. John.

No  that home and — some-more importantly — a island village a nation song star is unequivocally most a partial of have been dealt a harmful blow by Hurricane Irma.

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Chesney minute a repairs in a 20-minute call-in talk with HLN’s Robin Meade, revelation her his home is “just simply gone” and a island itself, once a pleasing place, “looks like a fight zone.” He called a charge “biblical in nature.”

Fortunately, he was not on a island to knowledge it firsthand, though many of his tighten friends were. In fact, Chesney pronounced about 20 of them sought preserve in his home, along with their dogs.

“My residence was, we thought, a unequivocally protected place for everybody since it was built with stone, petrify [and] bricks in an area of a island where we didn’t feel like we were going to get a approach wind. So we felt like if they went downstairs it would be a unequivocally protected place,” he said.

That incited out not to be a case, nonetheless everybody survived.

“I had 200 mph wind-tested windows via my house, and each window in a residence only blew out, so these people were unequivocally scared,” he said. “They found some-more preserve in a large closet and were in that closet for a prolonged time, and they done it. Luckily, a lot of people done it.”

He does devise to rebuild, though said, “not before everybody else gets rebuilt.”

He also pronounced of a island, “That place and a people meant so most some-more to me than my house.”

Chesney has already started a service account called Love for Love City to assist his ravaged neighbors. Love City is a nickname for St. John. “I’m gonna do all we can to soothe some highlight from people that I’ve unequivocally grown to adore over a years,” he said.

Chesney also indicated during a talk that he’s regulating his private craft to send H2O and dog food to a Virgin Islands, and he’s also formulation for a low-pitched fundraiser — possibly a record or a unison — to take place during some point.

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