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Hurricane Michael Live Updates: Much of Florida Panhandle Is Left in Ruins

They asked people to equivocate downed energy lines, and not to expostulate by flooded areas. They urged residents and visitors to keep puncture phone lines open and, in some areas, to boil their H2O or use bottled water. They told them to position generators during slightest 15 feet from homes, and to stay indoors.

In Tallahassee, a state capital, they even asked people to equivocate flushing their toilets.

“It will assistance revoke upsurge to a complement until energy is restored,” a city explained in a post on Twitter.

Most of all, officials seemed to be seeking for time and space.

“We ask evacuees to be studious as we start recovery,” a supervision in Bay County, Fla., wrote Thursday. “It is not protected for we to lapse nonetheless and will block a swell of a initial responders.”

As a whirly pillaged a suburban area of Panama Beach called Cherokee Heights on Wednesday, Fatima Zogaj found herself trapped in a residence that was descending down all around her, and her family.

Ms. Zogaj, 41, and her husband, Ahmed Alsaqqa, had not given most suspicion to either they should seat down during home forward of a storm. They bought their blocky brick, six-bedroom residence about 3 years ago, distant from a seashore and in a area of sturdy-looking section houses of new build.

“We didn’t design it to be this bad,” Ms. Zogaj pronounced late Wednesday, station outward in a area of damaged trees, flooded lawns and ripped roof tiles.

The couple, Ms. Zogaj’s mom and their 4 children encountered few problems in a storm’s initial hour as a breeze began to whip and howl. But shortly a rain, floating sideways, began leaking by a window of a guest bedroom on a second floor. Their roof tiles started to fly off.

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