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Hurricane Michael Updates: Rescue Teams Scour Ruins as Death Toll Rises

The firefighter, Lt. Brad Clack of a Hanover County Fire-EMS Department, was one of 4 firefighters struck by their glow engine when a tractor-trailer slammed into it, pulling it into them, around 9 p.m. on Thursday outward Richmond, according to a Virginia State Police.

Mr. Clack was during a stage of a two-vehicle pile-up on Interstate 295 during a storm. The glow engine’s lights were on, and a roads were sharp when it was struck by a tractor-trailer on a side of a road, a military said. The engineer of a tractor-trailer suffered critical injuries, a military said, and charges were pending.

The other 3 firefighters were taken to a sanatorium in critical condition.

One of a drowning victims died in Charlotte County, nearby a North Carolina border, after a automobile was swept divided on a overpass on Thursday night, according to a state police. Two other people were in a car, with one discovered and a other missing.

Earlier on Thursday, James King Jr., 45, was swept divided in his automobile in floodwaters in Pittsylvania County in southern Virginia around 3:30 p.m. and could not be discovered notwithstanding a efforts of sheriff’s deputies, a state military said. “The floodwaters were too low and too quick for them to say hit with him,” a military said.

And dual people were killed in Danville, Va., on Thursday when their cars were overshoot by peep flooding. William Lynn Tanksley, 53, died when a automobile he was in was swept divided in fast-moving H2O around 5 p.m., a Danville Police Department said. Jennifer Bjarnesen Mitchell, 60, died around 10:20 p.m. when a car she was in got stranded in high water.

A engineer was also reported blank in Nottoway County. The car was recovered, though a chairman who was in a car had not been found.

As a genocide fee rose in Virginia, a authorities approaching some-more deaths to be reported over south along a hurricane’s path.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/12/us/hurricane-michael-live-updates-florida.html