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I Protected Hillary Clinton In The Secret Service – Here’s Why Her ‘Fainting’ Video Really Scares Me

I stable First Lady Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, and their family while we served in a Secret Service Uniform Division as an officer from 1991-2003.

By now, we have many expected seen a extraordinary video of Hillary Clinton ‘fainting.’ Through a lens of my 29-year-career in The Service, we can see what a naked-eyed media pundit cannot: There is something severely wrong with Mrs. Clinton.

Pneumonia or overheating are rarely consider excuses and I’ll explain why.

My research is not partisan. we cared for and stable a Clintons for many years. It was my avocation to ensure Mrs. Clinton in a Secret Service and we was so tighten to a First Family that a Supreme Court subpoenaed me to attest on a sum of Bill Clinton’s late-term scandals.

These are a facts.

Watch Clinton’s Secret Service’s fact in a video. Their function is intensely veteran and really telling. Each representative is to be commended.

At a commencement of a video, Hillary is with a protecting fact of Secret Service agents, as good as dual womanlike staffers. One staffer stands really tighten during her behind and another is shoulder-to-shoulder and arm-in-arm with Mrs. Clinton to give her change and column her up.


Mrs. Clinton leans opposite a “ballard,” a steel columns we use to stop incoming 5-ton vehicles, and “bicycle racks” (our nickname for a unstable steel fences) to shorten walking opening to an area.Screen Shot 2016-09-12 during 4.00.33 PM

As a outpost pulls up, she has a firm loath posture. She awkwardly leans on a ballard and stares true brazen with her neck craned and extended adult as her physique is upheld during a side and behind by her staffers.

One representative gets a door, though no one moves to enter. The Secret Service doesn’t like to wait—standing still in a eyes of a Service is watchful for an conflict to happen. But a staffer can’t pierce Mrs. Clinton. Anything that binds adult a motorcade is intensely dangerous and anything that ties adult a Secret Service agent’s hands from sketch their pistol or inserted a jeopardy is a hazard.

The womanlike representative during a front of a outpost is scanning. She sees Mrs. Clinton peculiar function as well. The womanlike representative starts subsidy adult to a opening of a outpost to defense both steer and anyone approaching—as is procedure. She keys her mic signaling that a outpost is about to move. The representative is to be commended for progressing her vacant expression.


The representative who non-stop a doorway moves to take a place of a staffer and take Mrs. Clinton’s arm, though as they switch control, she scarcely falls completely. The bald agent, who we trust is a change leader, knows what is going on with Mrs. Clinton and – this bauble is really revelation – crosses between her and her exit (the outpost door).

As Mrs. Clinton jerks behind and onward and her legs fold, a bald representative takes her right arm. The staffer also tries to also squeeze underneath Mrs. Clinton’s armpits to lift Mrs. Clinton.

Close hearing of Mrs. Clinton’s legs exhibit her feet and legs have extended and are not holding her weight during all. The toes of her right feet drag and transformation on a pavement. As they lift and pull her forward, her legs don’t keep adult and she falls brazen again, nonetheless they can’t lift her too high as to risk smacking her head. Any Officer or insurance representative knows a risk of that.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 during 4.00.33 PM

That is when all a other agents, generally this immature black haired one, assemble to defense her from perspective completely. We call this “collapsing on” a protectee. They left in such a precipitate to get her from a open perspective that her shoe—which she could not retain—was left behind.

After 9/11, Dick Cheney spoke of how his confidence detail, when relocating him to a secure area, carried him by his Secret Service released un-snap-able belt, that is used to lift and pierce a protectee to where they wanted a chairman to go.

Hillary Clinton was not wearing this customary emanate belt.

So what did we hear after? At initial it was that she overheated and dehydrated. Now it’s pneumonia. Before, videos of her identical spastic weird transformation were blamed on allergies and other excuses. Clearly, a assemblage of her before blood clots and low capillary thrombosis, along with her concussion and associated damaged elbow, tell a opposite story.

Here’s what was really unfortunate to me: after a medical episode, she went to her daughter’s unit and not to an Emergency Room. Secret Service procession for any fact dictates that everybody knows that sanatorium to go to depending on a eventuality – heart failure, gunshot, we name it. It is really divulgence that, whatever is wrong with her, she is being treated by her possess private medical specialists in tip and, judging by a ballet-like greeting by her detail, they have dealt with this before.

Her fact knew that there was something really wrong with her and they were prepared.

When we stable her, we witnessed her raging function and, frankly, we don’t consider anyone can work with such wild fits of annoy and not have it take a fee on a person’s health—I consider that’s accurately what has resulted. we can’t assistance though feel contemptible for her detail, since we know from personal knowledge that they will bear a weight for as prolonged as their mental and earthy resilience will tolerate. we gamble that night they got berated for vouchsafing this “leak,” though it has zero to do with their opening and all to do with her character.

When we worked during a White House, a male exhibited a same accurate function as he froze inside a medical detector. On his full time nurse’s request, we hold him underneath a armpits and stood by him until his seizure passed. He was an normal American and, while it was annoying for him in front of all those people, we was employed to strengthen and serve. All he had to do was be true with me and all was well. we design Hillary to do a same and we design my media to do like we did, ask what’s going on so we know how to respond.

She’s putting herself, her party, and her Secret Service fact during risk. Her health is directly tied to a health of a nation and we merit treatment.

Article source: http://ijr.com/opinion/2016/09/260018-protected-hillary-clinton-secret-service-heres-noticed-fainting-video/