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I voted Kodos: relishing a presidential politics of scholarship fiction

Are we stressed? We are. It’s Election Day here in a states, and American adults are casting their ballots right now to establish a destiny of a country. The decisions will change a destiny of business, science, unfamiliar affairs, and bland life.

We don’t validate undisguised escapism. Today contingency be met conduct on. But after we vote, join us as we soothe a stress of a genuine universe by revisiting good choosing moments in illusory worlds.

Science novella and anticipation in sold are glorious during picking detached and isolating a wish and apprehension surrounding a domestic processes. This year’s choosing resonates strenuously with some of a favorite genre moments on radio and film, from how we perspective domestic total and a issues, all a approach down to a how energy changes hands.

Consider this a mangle from fretting over a universe of tomorrow by visiting it today.

The Election, Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica’s second deteriorate culmination culminated with an edge-of-your-seat choosing between President Laura Roslin and Vice President Gaius Baltar, an choosing that represented dual opposite directions for a survivors of Caprica to go. There’s some engaging parallels to a benefaction election: a womanlike policy-driven politician is adult opposite a charismatic visitor in a competition that will have extreme consequences for humanity.

When a organisation of a Raptor ends adult during a wrong burst point, they learn a habitable planet, that becomes a vital domestic emanate in a remaining weeks of a election. Roslin wants to use it as a interlude indicate on a longer journey, while Baltar wants to settle on a planet. The uncover did an glorious pursuit during portraying some of a complexity of a domestic system, while also portraying a significance of a pacific transition of energy from one celebration to a opposition.

It’s a Two Party System, The Simpsons

With so many in a nation committed to voting their demur as opposite to voting for vital parties, classical episodes of The Simpsons continue to feel deeply (and depressingly) relevant. Back in 1996, small weeks before President Clinton was voted behind into bureau for his second term, a princely array aired a “Citizen Kang” shred of Treehouse of Horror VII. Here, immorality aliens Kang and Kodos poise as Clinton and Republican hopeful Bob Dole as a approach to take over a American government. Homer manages to exhibit politicians are indeed space monsters, though Americans are in a bind. It’s possibly opinion for them, or opinion for a third celebration candidate. Sure, no one wants to opinion for a monster, though because chuck your opinion away?

Senator Armstrong’s Speech, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Winning a endowment for maybe a many prophetic depiction of a 2016 choosing is a digression from Senator Armstrong, a loud-mouthed, nanomachine-infused politician who serves as a 2013 video diversion Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’s final boss. In a speech, Armstrong calls for energy and probity to lapse to a hands of a people, derides a media, and openly appropriates MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Oh, and there’s a finale of a monologue, where Armstrong claims that “America is diseased,” and that usually by wiping a line-up purify and cleansing a diseased will a strongest members “make America good again.” Though Armstrong isn’t a presidential candidate, a shave does strike a small tighten to home.

Vedek Winn Adami’s Ambition, Star Trek: Deep Space 9

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 is arguably a many domestic of all a Trek series. It deals with diplomacy, treaties, religion’s outcome on politics, and war. Vedek Winn Adami, played by Oscar-winner Louise Fletcher, competence be a many politically disposed and desirous impression in a whole series, constantly rapacious for energy and operative behind a scenes to get what she wants. (It’s indeed spin an nauseous fun among Trek fans on Reddit this choosing deteriorate to review her to Hillary Clinton.) In a pierce that would have led to her apropos her planet’s eremite leader, she aligns herself with an nonconformist organisation who devise on slicing a world off from a Federation. But after it’s detected that a extremists have ties to a planet’s enemies, she fast betrays them to save her skin. But never count her out: she schemes her approach into apropos personality a whole other way.

President Snow’s “Execution,” The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

At a finish of a Hunger Games franchise, a series has been won. President Coin, a personality of District 13 and a rebellion opposite a Capital, stands victorious, and Katniss Everdeen is called on to publicly govern a suspended President Snow, orchestrator of all her miseries. But Katniss instead (and, uh, spoilers?) shoots Coin, carrying satisfied that Coin, not Snow, had been obliged for murdering dozens of civilians (including Katniss’ sister, Prim) in an try to spin open opinion in a Capital opposite a already failing Snow.

Katniss realizes that notwithstanding a battles she’s fought, politics is infrequently a round game, and that a people of Panem had merely traded one oppressor for another of a somewhat opposite shade. It’s positively a nihilistic take on politics, though this is fiction! The people we elect to lead us do matter! And besides, nothing of a possibilities will try to hospital a ruthless teenaged thunderdome sport! Probably.

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