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If this is Google’s Pixel 2 XL, we need one right now

Last year’s Google Pixel and Pixel XL were yet doubt dual of a hottest new smartphones of 2016. Google astounded fans by ditching a Nexus lineup of inclination and relocating from affordable top mid-range inclination to high-end flagship phones. Sure they were some-more costly than Google phones had been in a past, yet they were also a most improved height for showcasing a best of what Android has to offer, featuring high-end specs and a neat steel and potion design.

Since a Pixel lineup was so considerable final year, people can’t wait to see what Google has in store for a 2017 Pixel and Pixel XL, that are now being referred to as a Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Now, following a outrageous leak, it appears as yet we know accurately what’s in store for a some-more sparkling new Google phone, a 2017 Pixel 2 XL.

Earlier this month we showed we a overwhelming Google Pixel 2 concept, and readers went crazy over it. To be ideally honest, there are a series of elements of that pattern that we unequivocally wish would’ve done it to a genuine Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL that are set to be expelled this fall. That said, a genuine thing isn’t looking too unfair during all.

Image Source: Android Police

As we remarkable on Tuesday, a uninformed describe of what is pronounced to be a 2017 Google Pixel XL has been leaked by an Android blog called Android Police. The site has a good lane record with leaks in a past, so it’s wholly probable that this is a genuine deal. And if it is, we’re wholly impressed.

Last year’s Google Pixel and Pixel XL were clearly among a best Android phones of 2016, generally among hardcore Android fans looking for a pristine Android experience. But if we’re being ideally honest with ourselves, a pattern was a bit of a let down. The phone, that was built by serial iPhone copier HTC, looked accurately like an iPhone 6 with a large nauseous potion row slapped on a back.

The LG-made 2017 Pixel XL, however, looks like an wholly opposite story.

Last year’s Pixel phones looked terrific. After all, a iPhone 6 is a great-looking phone. But we wanted to see some newness and in 2017, it looks like we’ll finally get it with a Pixel 2 XL. The bezels on a front of a handset have been minimized above and next a display, a signature potion row on a behind has been revamped so it’s distant reduction offensive, and a altogether demeanour of a inclination is most sleeker than final year’s models. Long story short, Google can’t launch this thing shortly enough.

Article source: http://bgr.com/2017/07/12/google-pixel-xl-2017-release-date-soon-image-leak/