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Influencer subculture: a Kim Kardashian lookalikes

They are a ultimate followers. They go underneath a knife, get their cheeks sculpted, foreheads frozen, noses streamlined, necks and chins contoured, lips filled and ask makeup with a pointing that leaves them zero brief of a Kim Kardashian facsimile.

“Keeping Up With a Kardashians” has taken on a whole new meaning, interjection to an influencer subculture of Kardashian lookalikes that’s emerged online. This organisation of women, some now hardly discernible from a genuine thing, have turn influencers in their possess right who exaggerate anywhere from 500,000 to one million supporters on Instagram.

For them, following a second eldest Kardashian kin isn’t adequate — they need to be her, or during slightest demeanour usually like her.

And looking like Kardashian is no longer usually a unequivocally costly hobby — it’s apropos a business. Influencer selling agencies explain that brands seeking influencer support for product launches or to lift recognition that can’t means a genuine thing now have their collect when it comes to Kardashian-esque types. A discerning hunt on Instagram shows that these lookalikes have worked with brands from Estée Lauder Cos. Inc.-owned Glamglow in a Middle East and MAC Cosmetics in a United Arab Emirates to Iconic London, Gerard Cosmetics and Loving Tan.


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