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Intel 9th-gen Core i9-9900K Review: The ‘best gaming CPU’ is also a fastest

When Intel announced a new 9th gen Core i9-9900K a “world’s best gaming CPU,” it lied. After poking and prodding a CPU, we can contend yet a doubt that it is indeed a fastest mainstream CPU around and—wait for it—the fastest gaming CPU too.

For those who watch any shade of CPU movements like a trouble-maker gambler following a ponies, this news won’t accurately come as a shock. After all, take a 14nm++ (+?) CPU, chuck on dual some-more cores and holder a time speed adult to 5GHz roughly all of a time, and it’s easy to see how a Core i9-9900K would tip a charts.

The shocker to us wasn’t that it was fast, yet usually how fast, and how easy it was to make even faster.

9th gen LGA1151 lineup Intel

Intel has 3 new 9th-gen CPUs in a fast and now offers an 8-core option.

Just what does 9th-gen even mean?

With this launch, Intel has motionless to nick adult a processor array to a 9th generation. We indeed asked a association what a era description meant years ago when it clicked over to 6th gen. Back then, Intel pronounced it was associated to a graphics core generations on a CPUs. With a 7th generation, Intel pronounced even yet a graphics cores were accurately a same, a changes to a media estimate engine (technically partial of a graphics core) was adequate to count. Umm, OK.

With a 8th era of CPUs, we didn’t even worry to ask, since it was transparent it didn’t unequivocally meant anything solely maybe newer and faster.

So if we wish a brief answer, 9th gen doesn’t meant anything solely that it’s improved than perplexing to call it New CPU Number 42. As distant as we can tell, a x86 cores are a same as on a 8th gen CPU, and a graphics core, too.

intel 9th gen core 4 Intel

STIM and More Cores!

There is one pivotal change with this generation, though: some-more cores. Obviously stung by AMD’s extravagantly successful 8-core Ryzen CPUs, Intel has motionless to compare AMD on core counts. The top-end CPU reviewed here, a Core i9-9900K, facilities 8 cores with Hyper-Threading. Intel didn’t usually glue on dual some-more cores and call it a day, either. It also brought behind a soldered thermal interface material, or STIM. 

In a design below, you’re not saying a silicon chip itself, you’re saying a steel feverishness spreader, that helps strengthen a ethereal die from repairs by, we guessed it, swelling a heat.