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Investigation Ordered Into String of Russian Air Force Crashes

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has systematic an review into a intolerable detriment of 7 troops aircraft in crashes during slight training exercises given a commencement of June, news group RIA Novosti reported Friday.

The crashes seem to uncover that an boost in Russian troops activity connected to a predicament in Ukraine is straining a atmosphere force to violation point.

“The collision rate for troops aviation continues to be one of a many strident problems [facing a military],” Shoigu pronounced in a assembly during a Defense Ministry on Friday, RIA Novosti reported.

“We need to entirely know a causes of these accidents and to brand specific measures to urge a situation,” he added.

Over a past 18 months, Russian troops aircraft have been drifting during a many aloft rate than in prior years, as a Kremlin seeks to denote a troops energy by promulgation bombers and warrior aircraft to examine NATO defenses in Europe and North America.

NATO reported intercepting 400 Russian troops aircraft nearby fondness airspace final year — a 50 percent boost from 2013. The heightened operational dash is throwing adult with Russia’s mostly Soviet-built and aging swift of bombers and fighters.

According to news group TASS, Russia from 2010 to 2014 mislaid on normal one aircraft each dual months. But a past 7 weeks have seen 7 crashes opposite a spectrum of designs and classes, indicating to problems incomparable than flaws in a singular aircraft design.

Since early Jun a atmosphere force has mislaid dual Tu-95 “Bear” vital bombers, dual MiG-29 fighters, an comparison Su-24 strike jet, a newer Su-34 fighter-bomber, and many recently an Antonov An-12 troops transport.

Engine problems seem to be a common theme. One of a Bear bombers careened off a runway when an engine detonate into abandon on takeoff, and according to one unclear source quoted by RIA Novosti after a second Tu-95 pile-up in mid-July, all 4 engines on that aircraft died mid-flight.

The problems come notwithstanding fast expansion in Russian invulnerability output in new years and a 20 trillion ruble ($350 billion) rearmament module begun in 2010.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/526156.html