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Iran aviation central says Boeing sale involves 100 planes

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Boeing Co. is negotiating a understanding to sell 100 airplanes to Iran, state-run media reported Sunday, a sale potentially value billions that would symbol a initial vital entrance of an American association into a Islamic Republic after final year’s chief deal.

Chicago-based Boeing declined to plead sum of a talks or a figure of 100 planes, attributed to Ali Abedzadeh, a conduct of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization.

Regulatory hurdles and U.S. sanctions that sojourn in place after a chief agreement could mystify a deal. Despite efforts by a U.S. State Department to inspire trade to Iran, many American firms sojourn disturbed about a authorised and domestic ramifications of any agreements with a country.

The state-run IRAN journal quoted Abedzadeh as observant negotiations took “several stages” and final total and terms had nonetheless to be reached.

“Both sides — Iran and Boeing — have reached a created agreement for shopping Boeing airplanes,” Abedzadeh was quoted as saying.

Fakher Daghestani, a Boeing orator formed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, declined to answer any questions about Abedzadeh’s comments.

“Any agreements reached will be fortuitous on U.S. supervision approval,” Daghestani pronounced in a statement.

Iranian airlines have some 60 Boeing airplanes in service, though many were purchased before a 1979 Islamic Revolution that suspended Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and brought Islamists to power.

Out of Iran’s 250 blurb planes, about 150 are drifting while a rest are grounded due to miss of gangling parts. Parts and servicing remained scarcely unfit to get while a universe authorised Iran over a contested chief program.

Included in final year’s chief understanding is capitulation for airline manufacturers to enter a Iranian market. Already, Iran Air has sealed agreements to buy 118 planes from a European consortium Airbus and 20 some-more from French-Italian aircraft manufacturer ATR.

Iran is a remunerative market, with a Airbus understanding alone value 22.8 billion euros ($25 billion). But Boeing has treaded cautiously.

U.S. sanctions not tied to a chief module sojourn in place, and American lawmakers have warned Boeing not to do business there as a Iran understanding stays a prohibited subject in a ongoing presidential election. Boeing might need to run a sale by an abroad auxiliary and use a banking other than U.S. dollars in sequence to equivocate using afoul of American laws.

In April, Iran’s state-run IRNA news group quoted Maqsoud Asadi Samani, a secretary of a Society of Iranian Airlines, as observant Boeing officials offering 737, 777 and 787 indication aircraft on a outing to Tehran.

In his published remarks Sunday, Abedzadeh pronounced that “Iran will not be in a precipitate about a agreement given a U.S. has always used Iran’s aged swift as leverage.”

“Iran will request counsel in a talks,” he said.



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Gambrell reported from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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