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Iraqi-Syrian Asylum Seekers Wait in Limbo during Moscow Airport

A family of Iraqi-Syrian haven seekers has been stranded in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport for nearly 3 weeks after Russian limit guards confiscated their passports on suspicion they were fake.

Human rights activists contend as haven seekers journey assault at home, the family should be authorised into Russia regardless of any doubt over their transport documents.

Hasan Abdo Ahmad, a Syrian Kurd, his mother Gulistan Shaho and their 4 children aged 3 to 13 stepped off the plane from Istanbul into the airfield on Sept. 10.

A Russian limit ensure soon took divided their passports, observant they competence be fake, Shaho and the family lawyer, Roza Akhmedova, told The Moscow Times.

The Federal Security Service (FSB) afterwards non-stop a criminal review into the family for attempting to cross the border illegally, and the family has been vital in airport control comforts ever since.

Last Thursday, a court in the Moscow segment city of Khimki concluded to release the family on bail of 50,000 rubles ($800) per person, pronounced Akhmedova. Shaho’s sister Tamara — a Russian citizen — paid the money.

But as of Monday evening, the family was still stranded in the airport’s movement zone. If they step outward of it, it will consecrate an illegal channel of the border, a crime punishable by up to six years in prison if committed deliberately by a group.

The family is watchful for a revisit from Federal Migration Service officials, after that they wish the criminal review opposite them will be closed, definition they can leave the airport.

They are now flourishing on pre-cooked food upheld from the outward by Shaho ‘s sister, as the transit section restaurants are too expensive, Shaho told The Moscow Times by phone on Monday. They nap on chairs or on the floor, she said.

“I wanted to go to the parenting room with my tiny daughter, though they would not let me in because we did not have my pass and boarding card. The border guards took the passports,” she said.

Escaping a War Zone

Shaho pronounced that the family lived in the city of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. Her father worked in a copy residence there, while Shaho herself — a native of Kazakhstan who married Ahmad in 2002 — stayed at home to look after their 3 sons and daughter. Ahmad and Shaho any reason both Syrian and Iraqi citizenship, she said.

Erbil and the surrounding area is now on the front line of the dispute with the Islamic State, that has regularly sent self-murder bombers to the city in recent months.

“When the terrorists came we were unequivocally scared. My children were too fearful to go to school and for roughly a year they stayed at home with me,” pronounced Shaho.

The family motionless to flee to Russia.

“Four of us had Iraqi passports, though dual of the children didn’t have a passport,” pronounced Shaho. Iraqi officials told them that they were not arising new passports at that time, she said, and so the family practical for and performed Syrian passports instead.

The family afterwards performed Russian visas from the Russian Consulate in Iraq, crossed the border into Turkey and boarded a plane to Moscow in Istanbul.

“If the passports were fake, how could we cranky borders?” pronounced Shaho.

The FSB has not released any comments on the case.

Ahmad worked in a copy residence there, while his mother Shaho stayed at home to look after their 3 sons and daughter.

Left in Limbo

Now the ball is with the migration authorities, pronounced Akhmedova, the lawyer.

The lawyer pronounced that when an FMS officer eventually comes to the airfield to meet with the Ahmads, she will direct that the FSB closes the case opposite the family on the drift that they have strictly practical for asylum in Russia, digest the issue of their papers irrelevant. In theory, she said, this will concede them to cross the border into Russia.

“But the FMS people don’t come. And I am not certain if the FSB will listen to them,” pronounced Akhmedova.

A request for comment sent to the FMS sovereign domicile went unanswered by the time of publication.

The family should be authorised to cross into Russia regardless of their standing of their transport documents, Svetlana Gannushkina, conduct of the Civil Assistance Committee, an NGO that helps migrants, told The Moscow Times on Monday.

According to the UN gathering on refugees, haven seekers who can't lapse to their home nation since of threats to their lives there can't be prosecuted even if they cranky borders illegally, she said.

Gannushkina suggested that the low turn of Russian officials’ veteran education and poor believe of international laws are to blame for the family’s trials and tribulations.

Akhmedova, the lawyer, pronounced that existence does not resemble the law.

Last week, she said, she attended a court conference in Moscow where a young Syrian interloper seeker indicted of illegally channel the Russian limit was fined 10,000 rubles ($150). After the trial he motionless not to wait for asylum standing here and left Russia.

“An FMS officer told the judge there that it is still in Syria now and the male can go home. But the man is from Aleppo! [Syria’s largest city that has been ravaged by the polite war.] How it can be still there?” she said.

No Road Back

Shaho pronounced she will not lapse home and doesn’t devise to go anywhere else.

“I came here for the consequence of my children and I will stay,” she said, adding that she and her sister Tamara devise to open a small emporium in the southern city of Samara where the latter lives with her husband.

A total of 912 refugees from Syria asked for temporary haven or interloper standing in Russia in January-August this year, the Izvestia journal reported final week, citing the FMS.

That statistic does not simulate the real numbers of people who are journey to Russia from the dispute in the Middle East, Yelena Burtina, emissary conduct of the Civil Assistance Committee, told The Moscow Times.

The official statistics usually contain people who managed to get purebred in the complement after a cumbersome procedure — a feat that many newcomers destroy to achieve, she said.

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