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Irony of Patriots losing on a PAT? Bill Belichick due a order change

If Bill Belichick owned a time machine, he’d substantially use it to go behind in time to Mar 2014 so he could speak himself out of proposing a order change that finished adult personification a large partial in a Patriots’ AFC pretension diversion detriment to Denver on Sunday.

One of a biggest plays in New England’s 20-18 detriment came in a initial entertain when Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski missed an additional indicate that would’ve tied a diversion during 7.

Gostkowski’s skip substantially would’ve been good from 20-yards divided and a irony of that is that Gostkowski would’ve been kicking from 20 yards divided if his manager hadn’t due a order change in Mar 2014 that led a NFL to relocating a additional indicate behind to 33 yards (snapped from a 15, instead of a 2).

Back in Mar 2014, Belichick astounded everybody during a joining meetings by proposing a outrageous order change: He wanted a NFL to pierce a additional indicate behind to a 25-yard line, that would call for a 43-yard kick.

At a time, Belichick pronounced he wanted to add some piquancy to something he noticed as a “non-play.”

“I don’t consider that’s a rival play,” Belichick said in 2014. “There hasn’t been a margin thought underneath 20 yards that’s been missed in 10 years. When a additional indicate was partial of a diversion originally, we had players in other positions who were kicking, surfaces were a lot reduction ideal than what they are now. It was a worse play. Now, we’ve done it a non-play, and we don’t consider non-plays are good for a game.”

The NFL wasn’t utterly prepared to make a extreme order change in 2014, though a joining was meddlesome in Belichick’s proposal. In 2014, a additional indicate was changed behind to a 15-yard line (33-yard kick) for a initial dual weeks of a preseason. However, for a 2014 unchanging season, a order didn’t change, a round was still snapped from a 2-yard line for additional points.

The large rule change finally came in 2015, that means this year was a initial deteriorate ever with a some-more severe additional point.

Thanks to a new rule, Gostkowski had to flog from 33-yards away, and he missed by about a foot.

There’s a good possibility that flog goes in from 20 yards away, and if a flog goes in, maybe a Patriots don’t have to try a two-pointer with 12 seconds left to tie a game.

Belichick gave an engaging answer on Monday when he was asked about a effects that a new additional indicate order had on a NFL this season.

“Whatever a manners are, we play by them,” Belichick said. “We don’t make a rules. Those are motionless by a league.”

Belichick must’ve lost that this was one order he indeed did make.

The new additional indicate was Bill Belichick's idea. (USATSI)
The new additional indicate was Bill Belichick’s idea. (USATSI)

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