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Is Donald Trump A Narcissist — Or A Bully? Here’s What Psychologists Say

“Narcissists like Donald Trump … are constantly driven to infer themselves among a ‘winners’ of a world, mostly by triumphing over or denigrating other people as analogous ‘losers,'” Joseph Burgo, psychotherapist and author of The Narcissist You Know, told The Huffington Post in an email. “If we inspect Trump’s denunciation in his open statements as good as in a debates, we will hear him broadcast his celebrity standing again and again while sneering during his detractors as losers.” 

Why? This form of me-versus-everyone genius and function is mostly a misled try to facade feelings of void and shame. As Burgo explained, people with high levels of complacency tend to be driven by comatose feelings of unworthiness.

“The consistent self-aggrandizement reflects an ongoing, uninterrupted bid to build adult and support a self-image that contradicts this comatose clarity of defect,”Burgo said. “You don’t need a doctorate in psychology to consternation either a male who feels a need to perpetually wail his supremacy competence feel an wholly opposite approach underneath. The lady doth critique too much, methinks.”

He has traits that have brought him care success. 

Perhaps Trump’s many understandable evil is boldness. He’s confident, outspoken, in your face and seems to reason a really high opinion of himself. 

These qualities might have helped him attain as a celebrity in business (and, to some extent, as a candidate), though that might not get him many serve than a primaries. 

“In general, people like that make a good initial impression, though turn formidable to work with over time since they feel entitled to special treatment, omit criticism, and dominate others,” Ryne Sherman, a celebrity clergyman during Florida Atlantic University, told The Huffington Post in an email. “They also tend to overreach their capabilities, that formula in perplexing to accomplish too many too fast and overextended one’s resources.”

Adam Perkins, a neurobiologist of celebrity during King’s College London, pronounced that while Trump might not be a many acceptable person, he’s positively not stupid. 

“He is also rarely intelligent, and so has a lot of problem-solving horsepower to approach during whatever goals his celebrity form sets,” Perkins noted.

He might be lacking in consolation and romantic sensitivity.

The meant tweets, unconstrained insults and extreme negligence for a feelings of whole populations all indicate to one thing: Trump doesn’t seem to have a lot of courtesy for other people.

“Mr. Trump is low on interpersonal sensitivity,” Sherman pronounced of his bullying tendencies. “He is approach and straightforward in traffic with people, doesn’t mount down from a confrontation, and doesn’t worry about spiteful someone’s feelings. The advantage to this is that he is peaceful to understanding with bad opening quickly. The downside is that his group will fear his feeling and he might divide his staff.” 

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