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Is Taylor Swift Voting For Trump? Conspiracy Theorists Have Some Out There Ideas About Tay

It’s flattering extraordinary how many luminary change can gaunt a vote, and this is some-more loyal than ever during a 2016 choosing season. Case in point: “Who Is Taylor Swift voting for?” is one of a many renouned Google searches right now. The nation, generally a Swiftie Nation, needs to know. However, a cocktail starlet has remained generally mum, heading people to consternation if Swift is voting for Donald Trump

I know, we know, it sounds kind of dubious that a proudly feminist Swift would expel a list for Trump. Hillary Clinton seems like a go-to choice for a lot of a feminists of cocktail culture, after all. But it also sounds unequivocally current that T. Swift would not want her fans to know she’s voting for Trump, if she’s voting for Trump. 

Now there is, during least, estimable justification that Swift did vote today, and she was enlivening her fans and supporters to do a same. Early on Tuesday, Swift posted an Instagram captioned, “Today is a day. Go out and VOTE” (festive American dwindle emoji included). But what justification to we have to support that Trump theory? Here is a few pivotal points that conspirators are creation right now.

Case A: Karlie Kloss Is Dating Ivanka Trump’s In-Law

In Swift’s lady gang, there are undoubted tiers of besties, and it goes yet observant that Kloss is on that tip tier. Fans all know they’re solidly related together, a dream group of luminary fan fiction. However, infrequently people forget that Kloss has been dating Joshua Kushner, a hermit of Ivanka Trump’s father Jared Kushner, for 4 years. Whaaaaat? So some would pull conclusions that there might be a gaunt there, by her loyal love’s loyal love.

Case B: Katy Perry Is With Her

As in, with Clinton. And fans all know a deep story of bad blood between these dual singers. Of course, it seems incredibly petty that Swift would repudiate a claimant support usually since Perry is drifting her dwindle for high for Clinton. However, this is a same Swift who utterly presumably dedicated an whole video lined with her whole patrol as a low-key conflict on a singer. 

Ultimately, I’d like to consider that Swift wouldn’t damn a whole nation since of a feud. But that critical strain is unequivocally there, and Lord(e) knows how low it runs.

Case C: Swift Hasn’t Thrown Her Weight Behind One Opponent Or Another

I’ve already discussed this, yet let’s usually excavate into it a bit deeper: Swift hasn’t been outspoken about ancillary anyone, right? So doesn’t that, in itself, seem inherently suspect?

Historically, no. Swift worries about doing anything that unequivocally isolates her fans, and that unequivocally includes removing political. Back in 2009, Swift dodged questions about her domestic leanings in Rolling Stone, before relenting that she was excellent with a outcome of a election. “I’ve never seen this nation so happy about a domestic preference in my whole time of being alive,” she pronounced during a time. “I’m so blissful this was my initial election.” That’s a very neutral-sounding statement, to contend the least.

Likewise, a 2012 choosing had Swift citing a miss of personal wisdom to pull her fans in one instruction or another: “I usually feel like we don’t have adequate knowledge about myself as a chairman nonetheless to go out there and contend to 20 million supporters on Twitter, and these people on Facebook, and whoever else is reading whatever speak we do, ‘Vote for this person,'” she pronounced in an NPR interview.

Short version: Swift not vocalization out isn’t unequivocally a idea that she’s pro-Trump, so many as it is a idea that she will not damage her code by picking a side. No, appreciate you. 

Case D: Trump Is A Swiftie

OK, that is a bold assertion, yet let’s speak about that one time that Trump tweeted (of course) about his adore for Swift? In 2012, Trump pronounced he was so blissful Swift was co-hosting a Grammy nominations and said, “Taylor is terrific!” Why does that somewhat climb me out? 

The waggish assertion here would be that Swift wouldn’t wish to let down her biggest fan in a universe and would chuck him a empathize vote. we can simply say, with a comparatively clever conviction, that Swift is not endangered about a twitter from 4 years ago. So of all a intensity influencers here, I’m going to go with “nah” on this one. 

At a finish of a day, we wish to trust that Swift’s personal philosophy would still gaunt toward Clinton, and that her tangible opinion (because she is voting) would count toward a Democratic nominee. Crazier things have happened, yet receptive meditative would assume she’s usually gripping still to keep her fans from ripping any other (and her) apart. Looking during a criticism territory in a Instagram, a Swifties seem to be divided, so we get it. we get not wanting to cavern to that pressure. 

However, that also suggests that this hugely successful woman, literally one of Time’s tip many successful people, could’ve used her voice to gaunt a girl opinion in a certain way. No, it isn’t an tangible obligation, it’s usually about regulating your energy to emanate a improved future. I will concede that during slightest she peeped adult to inspire her fans to opinion — even though, when it comes to this election, she seems some-more endangered about Taymerica. 

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