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ISIS Reportedly Carries Out Mass Kidnapping Of Factory Workers In Syria

ISIS has conducted a mass abduction of industrial workers nearby Syria’s capital, Damascus, according to Syrian state media and an eccentric rights group.

There are opposing reports about how many people were taken from a al-Badiyeh Cement Co., located northwest of Damascus in a city of Dumeir. NPR’s Alison Meuse tells a Newscast Unit that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 170 people were kidnapped, yet Syrian state media puts that series during some-more than 300.

Here’s some-more from Alison:

“Syria’s apportion of attention says his bureau is operative to giveaway hundreds of workers. They were abducted by ISIS from an industrial zone. A internal central tells state media he saw a organisation being ecstatic toward a eastern suburbs of Damascus. His bureau progressing perceived some-more than 100 workers journey a apart factory.

“ISIS is famous for executing those indicted of operative with a Assad regime, including municipal employees. In new weeks, a extremists have faced setbacks as Assad’s army pull a organisation serve from a densely populated area around a capital.”

A method of attention central pronounced a association has not been means to strech any of a kidnapped workers, according to SANA, a Syrian state news wire.

The Associated Press reports that “militants launched a warn conflict opposite supervision army progressing this week” in a same area as a factory.

The handle use adds: “There was no grave shortcoming explain for a kidnapping, yet a IS-linked Aamaq organisation posted a video display a forlorn concrete factory, located nearby a troops atmosphere base.”

Islam Alloush, a orator for a Army of Islam insurgent organisation that has a participation in a area of a kidnapping, told a AP that “Islamic militants pounded 5 targets in a town, including other insurgents’ positions nearby a airport.” He combined that a Army of Islam assisted some workers who escaped.

Also on Thursday, U.N. Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura told reporters that they are formulation to resume assent talks during a week of Apr 11, yet he says a accurate date has not been set.

Article source: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/04/07/473426381/isis-reportedly-carries-out-mass-kidnapping-of-factory-workers-in-syria