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Israel bans comparison Islamic clerk from entering Aqsa Mosque

Israeli military have criminialized several Islamic officials allocated by Jordan from entering a Jerusalem holy site following clashes between Palestinian worshippers and Israeli authorities in new weeks.

Abdel Azem Salhab, a highest-ranking central in a Jordanian-run legislature overseeing a site, pronounced that military handed him and dual other Palestinian officials a sequence on Sunday.

The site, famous to Jews as a Temple Mount and Muslims as a Noble Sanctuary, is deliberate a third-holiest place in Islam and a holiest by Jews.

Salhab pronounced military sensitive him a anathema was given of his purpose in opening a embankment that has been sealed by Israeli justice sequence given 2003.

Jordan’s Religious Affairs Minister Abdel Nasser Abu Albasal cursed a Israeli preference as “a new escalation” meant to interrupt a council’s work.

Article source: https://www.foxnews.com/world/israel-bans-senior-islamic-clerk-from-entering-aqsa-mosque


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