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It’s all Windows 10: Microsoft stops sales of Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8.1 to PC makers

Microsoft currently sensitively put an finish to sales of Windows 7 licenses to mechanism makers, imprinting a vital miracle for a seven-year-old OS.

According to Microsoft’s rules, a Redmond, Wash. association stopped offered Windows 7 Professional or any chronicle of Windows 8.1 to OEMs (original apparatus manufacturers) as of Oct. 31.

The finish of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 left usually Windows 10 as a long-term choice for OEMs that pre-load Windows on their wares.

The strange end-of-sales deadline for Windows 7 Professional was to be Oct. 31, 2014—two years after a launch of Windows 8—but early that year Microsoft pennyless with use and usually called for an finish to consumer systems. It left open a cut-off for Windows 7 Professional, observant it would give a one-year warning before it demanded that OEMs stop offered PCs with that edition.

Microsoft released that warning a year ago.

Organizations with craving chartering agreements and Software Assurance—the annuity-like module that provides additional rights—may continue to squeeze new PCs, afterwards hillside a OS from a already-installed Windows 10 to Windows 7 if they wish to keep regulating a comparison edition.

And new Windows 7 Professional PCs won’t disappear immediately; OEMs will be authorised to use what licenses they have in stock.

For example, Dell’s online store currently still listed 17 opposite cover configurations versed with Windows 7 Professional. The same goes for smaller mechanism sellers, like Puget Systems, an Auburn, Wash. tradition PC maker: Such shops can continue to build new Windows 7 Professional PCs until their supply of licenses dries up.

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