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It’s tough to caring about a Galaxy Note 8 now that we’ve seen this overwhelming Note 9 render

After months of leaks and rumors, Samsung is about to betray a Galaxy Note 8 flagship smartphone after this month. There’s no doubt that a Note 8 is moulding adult to be Samsung’s best ever smartphone, though for tool fans, a fad has positively faded a bit. There will be positively no surprises left once Samsung executives finally take a theatre in New York City on Aug 23rd, given many all there is to know has already leaked. We know what it looks like, we know only about all of a specs, and we know about many or even all of a Note 8’s pivotal features. Perhaps a fact that a Galaxy Note 8 is already old news is partial of a reason because a new Galaxy Note 9 judgment posted on Tuesday is so intriguing.

Budding striking engineer Benjamin Geskin on Tuesday posted his vision of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9, that is approaching to be expelled subsequent tumble as a followup to this year’s Galaxy Note 8. Long story short, it’s a overwhelming prophesy of a phone that would be a healthy iteration of a Note lineup. We mostly see crazy concepts that aren’t secure during all in reality, though this Galaxy Note 9 mockup looks like a phone that could indeed launch in 2018.

First, let’s demeanour during a Galaxy Note 8’s design. Here’s a describe that BGR exclusively posted final month:

Now, let’s check out Geskin’s Galaxy Note 9 concept:

Image Source: Benjamin Geskin, Twitter

In a nutshell, a engineer took tangible Galaxy Note 8 renders and stretched a phone’s Infinity Screen so that it reaches roughly all a approach to a edges of a phone. This is a same scarcely bezel-free pattern we’re awaiting to see on a iPhone 8.

Also like a iPhone 8, Geskin extended a arrangement to a tip of a phone on possibly side of a ear orator and sensors. This would concede Samsung to pierce standing bar icons off a categorical partial of a display, only like a iPhone 8. It looks good in a describe and it’s technically within a area of possibility, though this form of arrangement pattern would be most some-more formidable to exercise on an Android phone than on iOS. Android’s standing bar fills adult fast with notifications and other information, so Samsung would have to totally redo a standing bar UI to pull notifications to a second tier (which would better a purpose) or to extent a volume of info that can be displayed (which would be a large step retrograde in terms of UX).

Geskin envisions a phone with a 6.4-inch arrangement that has 4K fortitude and an embedded fingerprint sensor. Again, 4K phones already exist currently so there’s no technical separator here for Samsung, and Qualcomm’s next-generation fingerprint sensors are approaching to arrive in consumer products subsequent year. In box you’ve forgotten, they’re designed to work through glass, displays, and even metal.

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