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It’s official: Asia’s best bar is in Singapore and we’re not surprised

Singapore has emerged a bar collateral of Asia, winning a ranking of a region’s tip 50 watering holes and holding a tip mark with 28 Hongkong Street.

In a initial book of Asia’s 50 Best Bars awards — a spinoff of a World’s 50 Best Bars — a row of 154 judges including “high-level” bartenders, bar consultants, code ambassadors, reporters and tellurian bar hoppers weighed in to pronounce a best celebration hotspots opposite Asia.

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Taking a tip mark is a Singapore bar famous for a discretion. Since opening in 2011, 28 Hongkong Street has built adult hype by personification itself down in a demeanour of a secret, surreptitious speakeasy.

Tucked divided in a downtown thoroughfare, a bar is non-descript with zero though a travel series to brand itself: There is no awning, no flashing lights, or swanky, velvet-roped entrance.

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But once inside a beige doors, a bar’s swish customers sip on $20 cocktails like a Modest Mule, done with lemongrass-laced vodka, ginger beer, orange and rosemary, and a colorfully named Whore’s Bath, done with manuka sugar vodka, umeshu (liqueur done with Japanese apricots) poire liqueur, lemon and Hawaiian lava salt preserved ginger.

Speak Low, Shanghai was announced as a second best bar in Asia.

“28 Hongkong Street is an button of a region,” editors write. “A benchmark of peculiarity opposite drinks and hospitality.”

Overall, Singapore and Hong Kong tied with 9 spots any on a list, followed by Tokyo, that scored 8 spots.

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But with 4 of a tip 10 spots, including a No. 1 ranking, Singapore is a large leader this year.

The formula also astounded editors, who likely Shanghai to finish fourth after Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo with a series of bars represented.

Instead, Bangkok nabbed a mark with 6 addresses including Vesper, a city’s top-ranked bar in 17th place.

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“Bangkok’s people have a critical box of cocktail heat and, with a series of general ‘tenders environment adult in a city and locals opening adult their possess places, it is usually going in one instruction from here.”

Here are a tip 10 bars in Asia, according to Asia’s 50 Best Bars:

1 28 Hongkong Street, Singapore

2 Speak Low, Shanghai

3 High Five, Tokyo

4 Lobster Bar Grill, Hong Kong

5 Manhattan, Singapore,

6 Quinary, Hong Kong

7 Operation Dagger, Singapore

8 Jigger Pony, Singapore

9 Union Trading Company, Shanghai

10 Omakase + Appreciate, Kuala Lumpur

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