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Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley Files for Divorce From Roger Mathews

Jenni “JWoww” Farley will shortly be a singular woman. 

The Jersey Shore star has apart from her husband, Roger Mathews, ET confirms. JWoww filed for divorce dual weeks ago in Ocean County, New Jersey, citing unsuited differences. 

The apart comes usually a month before a couple’s third matrimony anniversary. The two tied a tangle in Oct 2015, 3 years after removing engaged. JWoww’s Jersey Shore co-stars Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola,and Deena Nicole Cortese stood by her side as bridesmaids. 

JWoww and Roger share dual kids together. Daughter Meilani was innate in Jul 2014, and son Greyson was born in May 2016. 

After news pennyless of a divorce on Thursday, Roger took to Instagram to share a video summary with his followers.

“My mom filed for divorce, it’s true. I’m usually going to keep it simple,” Roger explained in a clip. “I don’t censure her. There’s no intrigue or any reticent s**t, any luscious details. She usually grew sleepy of a repeated settlement that we fell into. I’m not gonna get into detail, though it was a repeated settlement and not a good one.”

“Here’s what’s also true, I’m not finished fighting,” he added. “I’m going to win my mom back. I’m going to win her adore back. I’m going to win her adore back. we have no goal of being a singular dad. We’re in counseling, so there is hope.”

In a 2016 talk with ET, JWoww got genuine about her matrimony to Roger, divulgence that “there are understanding breakers we would apart over.” 

“Cheating” or “things we can’t go behind in time” to repair were partial of JWoww’s list. “Thank God we have never had to understanding with that. But we really wouldn’t contend it’s not an option, since if we are truly unhappy, we shouldn’t stay in a relationship,” she said. 

“You can have your happily ever after,” she continued. “But it takes consistent work. We’ve been together roughly 7 years. Day in, day out — generally lifting dual children — a differences of opinions on how to lift them, where to live, where to send a kids to propagandize — we have to find happy center belligerent on those issues. In this day and age, we usually feel like it’s easier to quit, and a lot of relations do. We are usually constantly perplexing to find that happy medium.”

At a time, however, a existence star couldn’t have been happier in her relationship. “He’s my best friend,” she gushed. “He’s a usually chairman in this universe that puts me in my place, so we indeed honour him even some-more for that, and we adore him for that since he can call me out on my B.S.”

Roger seemed on Jersey Shore, though not on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. On a show’s second deteriorate this summer, JWoww non-stop adult about their son’s developmental issues, divulgence that he hadn’t nonetheless started speaking. 

“To everybody that tuned into @jerseyshore final night and messaged, commented etc about @greysonmathews with identical stories or usually display adore we can’t appreciate we enough,” JWoww wrote on Instagram during a time. “As a mother, we will go to a moon and behind for my kids… no question. we live my life differently since of them. To find out Greyson is ‘behind’ or ‘delayed’ dejected me… though usually for a moment… that impulse came from wanting to have ‘perfect children’ and ‘how could this occur to me?’… though Grey is PERFECT and it CAN occur to anyone.”

See some-more on JWoww in a video below. 


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