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Jerry Brown travels to Trump’s city to demeanour for ‘common ground’



WASHINGTON — Gov. Jerry Brown came to a nation’s collateral Monday as both an counter of President Trump and a sponge to a new administration.

“I find complexity and counterbalance really good-natured to my focussed of mind,” Brown told reporters in a run of a Federal Emergency Management Agency’s headquarters, one of a governor’s initial stops on a four-day revisit to Washington.

Brown had a really specific idea — lobbying for capitulation of a state’s latest and largest ask for sovereign disaster assistance to correct storm-related damage. The $539 million ask is a fourth a state has done given Trump became president, and Brown took heart in a administration’s capitulation of a prior three. Altogether, a requests come to some-more than $814 million.

“Nothing is all that predicted underneath a stream administration,” Brown said, “so that could be a means for alarm — though also a means for some confidence and artistic possibilities.”

Brown occasionally travels to Washington, and this revisit is his initial as administrator underneath a Republican boss given a 1980s, when Ronald Reagan was in a White House and Brown was nearby a finish of his initial army in a state capital.

Despite California’s unilateral opinion for Hillary Clinton in a presidential choosing and a state Legislature’s employing of former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to advise it in confrontations with Trump, Brown declined to impersonate himself or a state as a personality of a “resistance” to a new administration.

Still, a administrator roughly sounded as if he were in city to negotiate with a irritated unfamiliar power.

Brown pronounced he would act “in a suggestion of advancing a interests of California, noticing we’re a partial of a kinship and we’re not going a totally apart way. We are distinct. We have a sovereignty. We’ll pursue that. But we also have a commonality with other states and with a inhabitant government. So where we can find common ground, we’re going to do it. we wouldn’t order anything out or anything in.”

Brown will be in Washington by Thursday. On Tuesday, he skeleton to accommodate with a state congressional delegation, days before a House is scheduled to opinion on health caring legislation that could condense a $15 billion a state receives annually for Medi-Cal coverage for low-income people. The state stretched a module underneath a Affordable Care Act to cover a third of a state’s residents.

Brown pronounced he would lend his voice to a antithesis though did not mention anything he could do to stop a legislation, or reinstate a potentially huge mislaid sovereign aid.

Brown was some-more certain about a storm-aid request, observant Trump is “very endangered about disaster relief.” Estimates to correct Oroville Dam continue to arise good over a initial $200 million ballpark total thrown out when a reservoir’s spillway disintegrated final month. The latest assist ask covers other vital charge repairs opposite a state, including a mudslides that sealed a overpass on Highway 1, stranding residents of Big Sur.

Brown also pronounced he expects a quarrel with a administration on car emissions standards, that Environmental Protection Agency arch Scott Pruitt is reviewing with an eye to rolling behind parsimonious new boundary on cars and light trucks that are scheduled to start holding outcome in 2022. California is approaching to hang to aloft standards if Pruitt rolls behind a inhabitant targets, potentially environment adult a vital dispute with a sovereign government.

Brown removed that it was Reagan, as California’s governor, and another Republican, President Richard Nixon, who initial concluded to let a state set a possess car emissions standards in a 1970s. Brown pronounced a standards are essential to assembly meridian goals and shortening atmosphere pollution, quite soot, that he pronounced causes tens of thousands of deaths any year and harms a lung growth of children.

Carolyn Lochhead is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Email: clochhead@sfchronicle.com Twitter: @carolynlochhead

Article source: http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Jerry-Brown-comes-to-Trump-s-town-to-look-for-11015822.php


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