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John Kasich Is Seemingly Baffled By Young Women Who Get Politics

Millennial women have been belittled on a domestic theatre time and time again. We’ve been discharged as “Beyoncé voters.” We’ve been told to go on Tinder instead of removing out to a polls. One time, a regressive SuperPAC suggested that we’re all Obama’s girlfriends who all need to mangle adult with him. Charming.

The immature women we know on both sides of a domestic aisle are dynamic, intent and opinionated. They have a lust for domestic knowledge, since a formula of elections, both inhabitant and local, have genuine implications on their lives. Young women are confronting down crippling levels of college debt. They are saying their reproductive rights and their access to health care underneath attack. They are wondering how they will transport in a pursuit market. They are meditative about gun control and meridian change and terrorism and secular inequality and a wage gap

They wish to see their ideas — and their lives — taken severely by a politicians who paint them.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Kasich’s opinion of comparison women is any better. After all, this is a male who bragged that women once “left their kitchens” to elect him and defunded Planned Parenthood in Ohio just this past February.

It should be apparent to politicians that alienating women — generally immature women, who will be voting for years and years to come — is a flattering myopic move. After all, unwed women are apropos an increasingly absolute domestic force. And politicians would do good to start profitable courtesy to them. (Read this mention from Rebecca Traister’s illusory book All The Single Ladies to learn some-more about how a changing demographics of a nation are dovetailing with louder calls for equal pay, family leave, child caring and permitted health care.) 

As Traister wrote in October: “Free recommendation to everybody in presidential politics: If we wish immature women to opinion for you, stop treating them like dumbbells.”

If politicians like Kasich continue to omit that advice, their deference might locate adult with them on choosing day. In a indominatble difference of William Shakespeare: “Though she be though little, she is fierce.”

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