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Judge: Doctor who doesn’t use mechanism can’t recover license

A New Hampshire decider has denied an 84-year-old doctor’s ask to recover her permit to practice, that she had surrendered partly over her inability to use a computer.

The state challenged Dr. Anna Konopka’s record keeping, prescribing practices and medical preference making. It pronounced her singular mechanism skills forestall her from regulating a state’s imperative electronic drug monitoring program, that requires prescribers of opioids to register in an bid revoke overdoses.

Konopka surrendered her permit in October, though after requested accede to continue her practice. New Hampshire Public Radio reported Monday that Merrimack Superior Court Judge John Kissinger ruled Nov. 15 that she unsuccessful to uncover she was forced to give adult her permit as she alleged.

Konopka has asked a decider to recur his preference on Wednesday. He hasn’t responded yet, so she still can't see a 20 to 25 patients per week as she once did.

“I’m not dissapoint about anything. The authorised complement is a game. You move. They move. It’s full of tricks and opposite movements,” she said.

“I am fighting. Therefore as prolonged as we am fighting, we have some hope,” she added.

Konopka doesn’t have a mechanism in her bureau and doesn’t know how to use one. Two record cabinets in a small watchful room inside a 160-year-old clapboard residence reason many of her studious records. The usually pointer of record in a watchful room is a landline write on her desk.

According to a state, a allegations opposite Konopka started with a censure about her diagnosis of a 7-year-old studious with asthma. She’s been indicted of withdrawal dosing levels of one remedy adult to a relatives and unwell to provide a studious with daily inhaled steroids. Konopka, who concluded to a house rebuke in May, pronounced she never spoiled a studious and a boy’s mom overlooked her instructions.

Four some-more complaints have given been filed opposite Konopka. The house in Sep voted to pierce brazen with a disciplinary conference on those complaints. But before a conference was held, Konopka concluded in to give adult her permit — something she pronounced she was forced to do.

Konopka has built a constant following in New London, race 4,400, and surrounding towns since she brings a personal hold that is appealing to patients sap of battling large hospitals and musing doctors. She mostly attracts patients who have run out of options, many with formidable conditions, such as ongoing pain. She also draws patients who have no word and small means to pay. She takes anyone peaceful to compensate her $50 in money — creation it formidable for her to means a nurse, secretary or a counsel to hoop her case, she said.

Thirty of Konopka’s patients have created Kissinger anticipating to remonstrate him to recur his ruling.

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