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Kanye West says he will ‘run for president.’ Because politics is entertainment.

Kanye West is using for president, y’all. Yes: President.

On a megachurch-like theater-in-the-round theatre set adult during final night’s MTV Video Music Awards, a rapper informed a universe that he will be seeking a presidency in 2020. And also that he had only smoked something.

What follows is a brief outline of a weird and presumably stage-managed events.

West began his labyrinth debate with an version about visiting a grocery store with his daughter and receiving obscure compliments from store clerks, as good as a some-more conspicuous knowledge of being booed by 60,000 people during a ball game. (This was, of course, an ambiguous anxiety to West’s tumble from open beauty after his 2009 preference to charge a theatre during that year’s VMAs as Taylor Swift supposed an award. West felt a endowment had been bestowed in complete blunder and should have left to his friend, Beyonce.)

On Sunday, West’s debate transitioned into a open reparation of sorts for past bad behavior, open immoderation and displays of annoy destined during what he seemed to indicate was a wrong individual. Yes, he pragmatic it, yet never utterly pronounced it. West afterwards spoke of a kind of — we will assume — metaphorical genocide for a right of successful artists to voice their genuine opinions publicly. He lamented a approach that corporate giants like MTV, a multiplication of Viacom, feat a weaknesses, emotions and ideas of artists for broadside and profit.

[VIDEO: A night of feuds and redemption during a VMAs]

Amid all this, there are a few ideas that were quite abounding in their Kanye West-ness. He compared a assignment for a VMA award and successive detriment to time on a auction block. West has prolonged toyed with some ridiculous equations between a chronological and stream conditions of black America and a entirely discretionary bondage of stardom.

But this extended array of non-sequiturs reached a rise when West done a proclamation that adds his name to a story that everybody seems to be articulate about.

“I don’t know what we mountain to remove after this. It don’t matter though, since it ain’t about me; it’s about new ideas, bro, new ideas. People with ideas, people who trust in truth,” West said. “And yes, as we substantially could have guessed by this moment, we have motionless in 2020 to run for president.”

Yes, that happened. And no, many of us couldn’t have guessed that.

By Monday, White House orator Josh Earnest told reporters that he looks,  “forward to saying what aphorism he [West] chooses to amplify on his debate hat,” The Associated Press reported.

West’s distinct platform: Repealing a artists’ subjugation codes and installing “people with ideas.” You competence call that a politics of entertainment. Given all that is function right now in a 2016 race, we competence also call this a underside of politics as entertainment.

And we’re not even only articulate about Donald Trump. For what it’s worth, West isn’t even a initial rapper to announce a run for a White House this year. Waka Flocka Flame, an artist whose work deserved a sort-of-profile in a New York Times this year, did a same. And in a probable loyalty to a 1992 Dr. Dre Hit, “The Chronic,” a 15-year-old Iowa teen has also announced skeleton to find a presidency underneath a name, Deez Nuts.

Of course, a pivotal disproportion here — and a one that Americans who take their politics severely contingency note — is that Waka Flocka and Deez Nuts are constitutionally incompetent for a bureau due to their particular ages. Therefore conjunction can mountain a some-more than a jokey bid for a White House. Donald Trump is, right now, a heading GOP contender in a 2016 race, and West has already reached a constitutionally-mandated age to mountain a bid.

You competence marinate on that until 2019. Enjoy. Weep for a state of American democracy.

You a viewer/voter might decide.

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