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Kelsey Berreth case: A timeline of events so far

The fiancé of 29-year-old mom Kelsey Berreth, who has been blank out of Woodland Park given Thanksgiving, is in custody.

Patrick Frazee is approaching to be rigourously charged with first-degree murder and questionnaire to dedicate first-degree murder. His detain Friday comes scarcely one month after Berreth was final seen on notice footage during a Safeway.

That was Nov. 22, Thanksgiving Day. 

Below is a timeline of events and 9NEWS coverage on a box of blank Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth. (Note: Events are listed in retreat sequential order.)

Dec. 21: Frazee arrested for first-degree murder and questionnaire to dedicate first-degree murder

Patrick Frazee was taken into control only after 7 a.m. Friday and is approaching to face charges of first-degree murder and questionnaire for first-degree murder. 

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Dec. 18: Law coercion earnings to Frazee’s home

Police officers and agents with a Colorado Bureau of Investigation were seen going in and out of Frazee’s home Thursday night.

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Dec. 16: Search of Frazee’s home concludes; Berreth not found

Investigators pronounced Berreth stays blank after detectives executed a hunt aver during her fiancé’s 35-acre skill over a weekend. 

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Dec. 15: $25,000 prerogative offering for Berreth’s return

Woodland Park Police announce a $25,000 prerogative for information heading to Berreth’s protected return.

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Dec. 14: Police hunt a home of Frazee

Law coercion agencies initial seemed during Frazee’s 35-acre Florissant skill to govern a search.

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Dec. 12: Frazee issues matter observant he’s cooperating

Through his attorney, Frazee pronounced he willingly expelled his phone to law coercion for a hunt and supposing buccal swabs and photographs.

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Dec. 12: Mom talks about a attribute between her Kelsey Berreth and her fiancé 

Cheryl Berreth, a mom of Kelsey Berreth, told NBC News that it’s not like her daughter to go missing, and that Kelsey Berreth and Patrick Frazee we “loving,” and that a attribute hasn’t been ideal given a economy … though that “they’ve done things work regardless.”

Dec. 10: Mom pleads for a protected lapse of her daughter

Kelsey Berreth’s mom, Cheryl Berreth, spoke during a news discussion on Monday, Nov. 10, where she pleaded for a protected lapse of her daughter.

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Dec. 7: Officials recover information about Kelsey Berreth’s phone pinging in Idaho

Kelsey Berreth’s phone pinged in Gooding, a tiny southern Idaho community. Police pronounced a ping happened someday on Nov. 25.

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Nov.-22-Dec. 2: Kelsey Berreth final seen; mom reports her missing

Kelsey Berreth’s mom initial reported her daughter blank on Dec. 2. Investigators pronounced she was final seen in notice footage during a Safeway with her daughter on Nov. 22, Thanksgiving Day. 

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