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Knack II Is Actually Pretty Good

Words we didn’t pattern to form in 2017: we unequivocally like a new Knack. So many for a using fun that this PlayStation 4 disdainful is a supplement that no one wanted. Good thing we got it.

Knack II is a follow-up to a common PS4 launch diversion and is covenant to a value of iteration. The new game, that is out this week, scrubs divided many of a predecessor’s faults.


The initial game, that was expelled in late 2013, was pretty nonetheless tedious. It was one simple fight after a next, stretched opposite a dozen worlds. The initial Knack was intermittently clever, creation tiny gameplay use of a suggested character’s core judgment of being comprised of a garland of swirling mill artifacts. Occasionally we could make Knack cringe to hide by tiny passages. As we ran by levels collecting some-more artifacts, we could gradually make him grow. Once in a singular while we could arrange Knack’s outdoor bombard out of a special component like wood. Mostly, though, we usually punched and kicked a unchanging upsurge of enemies and attempted not to die between checkpoints, that were rare.

Four years later, what a mutation this new diversion is. It’s full of combat, nonetheless Knack’s arsenal of moves is severely stretched with a punch flurry move, an extendable-arm energy shot and more. This time there’s a 34-node ascent tree that weaponizes Knack’s dodge, speeds adult many of his moves and adds some new ones.

Knack II is also full of platforming, nonetheless now levels are built around a new ability to cringe Knack down to child distance during any time and afterwards grow him behind to whatever his vast distance is during a impulse with a daub of a button. Levels are filled with reasons to barter sizes, be it to transport by a pipework between walls, walk opposite spare ledges, or equivocate traps.

Every turn contains sections where you’ll strike R1 to distance down in method to pierce ahead. There are many optional, dark passages for mini-Knack to go through, too.

The old-school feeling of a initial diversion is transposed with a complicated gaming amenities of regenerating health and visit checkpoints, that feel suitable to a contented stage a diversion is mostly perplexing to set.


The strange Knack was a handful of simple pattern ideas hardly stretched on. Knack II offers new, multi-layered concepts each turn or two. For example, initial we learn that Knack can lift iron ore onto his physique and that it empowers him to do special attacks that whack by worse enemies. Soon after, we need to make Knack cringe and learn that, when he drops a rest of his body’s artifacts behind, a rejected iron chips form an unmovable statue. And usually a tiny later, a actor will notice that Knack needs something to reason a vigour image down in method to pierce ahead. Hmm.

My expectations were low for Knack II, given what I’d created about a initial one:

  • “Next gen visuals. Old-fashioned gameplay.”
  • “…most of Knack is disappointingly routine. Punch. Dodge. Get bigger. Move on.”
  • “The game’s problem spikes would be some-more excusable if Knack’s moveset was some-more interesting. “
  • “I wanted Knack’s possess visible detail, his physique of floating relics, to volume to some-more than a special effect. Too infrequently, that’s all it is… “
  • “Get it as a showpiece for now if you’re removing a PS4. Just don’t pattern to adore it in a year.”

I didn’t adore Knack a year after after it was released, and I’ve mostly lost a game. For me, a PS4 has prolonged given been a console of Knack. It’s a console of Horizon Zero Dawn and Nioh and The Witness, to name a few favorites we pattern to adore for years. Developed during Sony’s Japan Studio, Knack was a brainchild of Mark Cerny, a record engineer of a PS4 and an achieved diversion engineer himself. That diversion was improved for a tech than a gameplay. A supplement smacked of a appreciate we to Cerny for conceptualizing a complement that had achieved so well. Let him have another baby either anyone else is seeking for it or not, we figured that Sony figured.

I started playing Knack II a few days ago in a stolen hours of a bustling weekend that we spent mostly divided from my PS4. we suspicion I’d play a tiny usually to distance it up, usually to safeguard we could tell Kotaku readers what it was. we wasn’t awaiting it to be bad adequate to be interesting, and we didn’t expect that it competence be unequivocally good. The initial turn didn’t do many to change my mind. Sure, it shows off Knack’s new size-changing system, nonetheless it is mostly a punch-kick affair.

Then we played another turn set in a timberland and was introduced to a crafty warping move. Then we played another few levels and we got to a iron statue thing. Later, there was a visually fantastic method with a catwalk. There was a crafty bit with invisible blocks and bursting crystals. we was enjoying a combat, simple as it was (this ain’t my dear Nioh), and afterwards that got improved when we was taught a neat hookshot move. we was solemnly unlocking new moves in a ability tree, and we was enjoying a game’s unequivocally vivid, sundry scenery.

The camera zooms out during one of a game’s dried levels.

I reached out to a co-worker who also had a copy: was this for real? They hadn’t started it yet. we reached out to another counterpart who had a game. This thing is indeed good, right? Yeah, they replied. They seemed shocked, too.


The initial Knack felt like a common protected diversion that was recommendable usually given it was one of 3 launch PS4 games and a good showpiece for a graphical fealty probable on a new system. You could get a better, if reduction visually distinguished experience, from personification any Lego movement diversion out during a time.

In some levels, we acquire adequate artifacts to turn a hulk that can chuck one ruin of a punch.

The new Knack creates a some-more sparkling echo. It reminds me of a records final struck on PlayStation by a platform’s enjoyable, appealing mascot games. It feels like a inheritor to a best action-adventures of Ratchet Clank, Jak Daxter and Sly Cooper, a strong origin of games that has narrowed given their heyday on a PS2 and PS3. Those array were reliably entertaining. Their creators focused on a core abilities of a game’s colorful protagonists and built beguiling levels around them. The games were never utterly as inventive in turn pattern or impression moveset as Nintendo’s finest, nonetheless they got close. Knack II, distinct a predecessor, fits right in.

At least, we consider so.

I’m usually median into a game. Little time to play it and whatnot. Maybe it all falls apart.


I doubt it, though. Knack II entertains with confidence. It doesn’t usually lot out fun new fight moves and pleasing new gameplay mechanics. It exhibits an recognition this time around that even some of a out-of-date gameplay a creators like is best presented with some complicated flash. There are block-pushing puzzles, for example, nonetheless Knack is empowered to pull those blocks fast so that a block-pushing literally and figuratively never badly drags. There are quick-time events, nonetheless their symbol prompts map closely to a game’s unchanging fight controls and smartly stress a winning size-changing complement that drives a pattern of a whole game.

Even in this interactive cinematic, we strike R1 to change size.

Even a simple platforming in Knack II is a pleasure—cliched as all of a jumping opposite collapsing platforms is—because it is rendered with desirable clockwork complexity. We’ve finished this kind of thing before, nonetheless it’s occasionally looked this good.

The platforming is basic, nonetheless a platforms themselves are meticulously detailed. That helps, trust it or not.

As with a initial game, Knack II’s creators seem to be aiming their diversion for kids and, by extension, families. There’s drop-in commune and a storyline that brings behind Lucas and his uncle from a initial game, with a former now a tiny comparison and, shortly enough, creation eyes during a immature lady concomitant them and Knack. There’s a fight brewing between amiability and goblins, and there’s a tip story unearthed involving a dark city and ancient, nonetheless modernized technology. That dark story serves a diversion pattern well, as it justifies defending enemies with many some-more engaging weaponry and armor than what they had in a initial game.

Oh, no. we consider I’m even removing meddlesome in Knack II’s back-story!

At a median point, Knack II comes off as a heroic over-achiever. It is not insubordinate and we’re not utterly articulate Game of a Year contender, nonetheless it is a expansion that a common prototype needed. It’s a fun diversion that I’m some-more than happy to make time to finish, even in a deteriorate swarming with some-more hyped games. It’s got a executive gimmick, a size-changing thing, that works unequivocally well. It’s a reversion to a smashing character of PlayStation diversion it had seemed Sony was finished with.


In my examination of a initial Knack, we wrote: “It’s not that we wish to hit Knack. It’s a launch game. Launch games occasionally offer some-more than what Knack offers. You get a diversion we can uncover off to friends. You get a diversion that hints during what new gaming hardware can do. You get a diversion that feels prepared to be supplanted by a richer sequel.” Knack II appears to be that sequel. It’s reduction of a punchline and some-more of a success than we ever approaching it to be.

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