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Kremlin Calls Attack on Human Rights Event ‘Hooliganism’

The Kremlin’s orator Dmitry Peskov has called an conflict on a tellurian rights eventuality by jingoist activists “hooliganism,” a TASS news organisation reported Friday.

“It is hooliganism, it is a disgrace,” Peskov said. “Those, who censor behind a St. George ribbon, disprove it.” He stressed that it was “absolutely unacceptable,” Peskov was quoted as observant by TASS.

On Thursday, activists from a Pro-Kremlin People’s Liberation Front jingoist transformation (NOD) pounded a endowment rite for high-school students who had participated in a story contest, orderly by a distinguished tellurian rights organisation Memorial.

The NOD activists collected in front of a Dom Kino, where a Memorial rite was being held, cheering insults and spraying immature disinfectant and ammonia during a eventuality attendees as they attempted to enter a building.

Among those pounded were a foe participants, organizers, unfamiliar and Russian guest and acclaimed Russian author Lyudmila Ulitskaya, a conduct of a competition’s jury.

According to member of Memorial, when military arrived during a scene, they unsuccessful to take any movement opposite a NOD activists.

Later on Thursday, Moscow military announced that one of a enemy had been detained, a Interfax news organisation reported. He has been charged with sparse hooliganism and might face adult to 15 days in prison.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/567490.html