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Kremlin Says It’s Unaware of Kadyrov’s ‘Threatening’ Video

The Kremlin does not follow Chechen personality Ramzan Kadyrov’s Instagram, and so is incompetent to criticism on a argumentative video featuring Russian antithesis leaders in a sniper purloin scope, President Vladimir Putin’s orator Dmitry Peskov told a TASS news group Monday.

“We will watch a video to see what this is all about,” Peskov said.

Earlier on Monday Kadyrov published a video overlaid with sniper purloin range and depicting Russian antithesis leaders.

Mikhail Kasyanov, personality of a PARNAS domestic celebration and former primary apportion seemed in a video with Vladimir Kara-Murza, PARNAS emissary conduct and Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s “Open Russia” plan coordinator.

Kasyanov pronounced in response that a video constitutes a approach hazard opposite him and a lawsuit opposite Kadyrov might follow after a conference with a lawyer.

“Putin has to stop this haughty proxy and give a open comment of his actions. Putin is privately obliged for his actions,” Kasyanov also pronounced on his Facebook page.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/557943.html