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Kremlin’s AliExpress Fashion Site Folds After 24 Sales in Seven Months

A state-backed plan compelling Russian-made products on Chinese e-commerce site AliExpress has folded after usually creation 24 sales in 7 months, a Kommersant journal reported Monday.

“Fashion. Made in Russia” was non-stop by Russia’s Trade and Industry Ministry though usually managed to attract 130,000 visitors given rising in Dec 2015. Some 466 Russian companies were primarily invited to attend in a project, though 369 firms refused citing a miss of seductiveness in Internet trade.

Participating companies complained of problems including badly translated program and problems with banking conversion. Roughly one hundred businesses were usually means to start sales on a height dual weeks after a project’s launch date, Kommersant reported.

AliExpress attributed a low sales Russian products to “unreasonably high prices and miss of originality,” with a cost of Russians products distant surpassing those of their Chinese rivals.

“The plan on AliExpress was an critical experience. It showed producers where to go from here, how to proceed pricing, and how to benefaction their goods. It is simply unfit to contest in a tellurian consumer marketplace with products some-more than twice as costly as other, identical products,” Deputy Trade and Industry Minister Viktor Yevtukhov told Kommersant.

Mark Zavadsky, business growth executive for AliExpress in Russia and a CIS, pronounced that while Russian producers were not nonetheless prepared to work on a online marketplace, growth of Aliexpress’ Russian chronicle would continue, Kommersant reported.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/573032.html