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Labour’s Corbyn puts politics core theatre during Glastonbury Festival

GLASTONBURY, England British antithesis personality Jeremy Corbyn got a stone star accepting during Glastonbury Festival on Saturday, revelation a headliner-sized throng that millions of immature people who voted for him would not be silenced or sidelined.

Dismissed as a severe no-hoper before elections on Jun 8, Corbyn captivated a swell of support from 18-24 year-olds that helped his Labour Party repudiate Prime Minister Theresa May a parliamentary majority.

The 68-year old’s recognition during Worthy Farm in south-west England could be totalled by a series of pro-Corbyn banners on arrangement and Corbyn T-shirts.

They simply outnumbered those for a biggest names on a low-pitched check – Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran – and a intone “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn” rang turn a world’s biggest greenfield festival.

Appearing between British singer-songwriter Craig David and U.S. swat act Run The Jewels, Corbyn – who betrothed during campaigning to annul fee fees – pronounced he was unapproachable to have led Labour into an choosing that delivered a biggest boost in a party’s support given 1945.

“But what was even some-more moving was a series of immature people who got concerned for a really initial time given they were fed adult with being denigrated, fed adult with being told they don’t matter (and) fed adult with being told they never participate,” he pronounced to cheers from a crowd.

“And that politics that got out of a box isn’t going behind into a box.”

Corbyn, invited to pronounce on a famous theatre by festival owner Michael Eavis, pronounced Glastonbury was about people entrance together in support of causes like environmentalism.

“There is usually one world – not even Donald Trump believes there is another world somewhere else,” he said.

Eleri Angharad, a 25-year-old musician sporting a Corbyn T-shirt, pronounced a maestro revolutionary was authentic.

“He creates an bid to bond with people, and people bond behind with him,” she said.

She pronounced she wasn’t astounded by his support among immature people, carrying seen his recognition arise on amicable media. “I don’t review newspapers, we don’t know anybody who does,” she said.

But not each immature chairman was won over. “It’s really intelligent to aim a age with fee fees,” pronounced 18-year aged Hannah, who voted for a initial time on Jun 8. “He’s targeting a genuine of a generation.”


Corbyn pulled out of a Glastonbury revisit final year after a nation voted to leave a European Union only as a festival started.

Billy Bragg, a singer, songwriter and romantic who runs a Leftfield politics and song stage, pronounced Brexit had repelled immature people into apropos meddlesome in politics, and their change had been seen a year later.

“Even if it wasn’t a girl ‘what won it’, a rendezvous among immature people has shot up,” he said.

“If it can be sustained, it’s a sea change in British politics given it means that all parties will have to take their views into account.”

An undercurrent of politics also swirled around a Other Stage, where former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher finished his set by seeking a throng to join in a delivery of “Don’t Look Back in Anger” in memory of a victims of new apprehension attacks in Manchester and London, and a Grenfell Tower fire.

Pollster Ipsos Mori pronounced week that age had been a bigger dividing cause on Jun 8 than in any choosing given it began gripping annals in 1979, with a biggest arise in audience entrance from a young, nonetheless they were still distant reduction expected to opinion than a old.

Both categorical parties increasing their share of a inhabitant opinion compared with 2015, during a responsibility of smaller parties. But Labour’s share increasing by 9.5 points to 40 percent, while a Conservatives’ rose 5.5 points to 42.4 percent.

Overall, a Conservatives mislaid 13 seats and Labour gained 30.

(editing by John Stonestreet)

Article source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-music-glastonbury-corbyn-idUSKBN19F0PS