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‘Late Show’: Mel Gibson Advises Younger Self to "Shut a F— Up"

The actor-director would adore to know that of a ‘Lethal Weapon’ films Jesus prefers.

Mel Gibson took a outing down memory line on The Late Show Tuesday. The actor-director, who is on a promotional debate for his new film Hacksaw Ridge, assimilated Stephen Colbert for his low thoughts shred “Big Questions with Even Bigger Stars.”

The span common a sweeping underneath a stars as they acted a large questions to any other about life and regrets. Colbert kicked things off with a biggest doubt of all: “Is Mel brief for Melvin?”

Gibson replied, “No, it’s brief for mmm…”

Colbert afterwards tackled a elephant in a room, that is Gibson’s colorful if argumentative new past. Asked if he had any regrets Gibson responded, “no, not one, they tend to come in clusters.”

When asked what he would tell his younger self, Gibson review off a list: “Don’t be so held adult in a small things.” “Take advantage of all a gifts a universe has to offer.” “Live each day to a fullest.” And many emphatically, “shut a f— up.”

The final object on a list garnered a loudest response. Colbert combined that “a younger Mel Gibson” would substantially be a famous chairman he would many like to accommodate if he could go behind in time. Gibson’s possess choice, predictably, was Jesus, though so he could find out that of a Lethal Weapon films JC preferred. 

Colbert afterwards kept things topical, weaving in Donald Trump, a choosing and Gibson’s past controversies. “Do we ever demeanour during Donald Trump and contend how come we have to apologize when he competence indeed be president,” asked Colbert to that Gibson diplomatically laughed his approach out of an answer. 

Check out a video below.

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