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Lawyers in Colo. museum sharpened hearing make final appeals to jury

July 10, 2015: In this picture taken from Colorado Judicial Department video, Colorado museum shooter James Holmes, top left in blue shirt, joins others in station as a jury, not pictured, is brought into a courtroom, during Holmes’ hearing in Centennial, Colo. (Colorado Judicial Department around AP, Pool)

James Holmes was legally lucid when he entered a packaged film museum armed with an conflict rifle, a shotgun and a pistol, vigilant on murdering as many people as he could, a prosecutor told jurors Tuesday in shutting arguments during a gunman’s trial.

“That man was lucid over a reasonable doubt, and he needs to be hold accountable for what he did,” District Attorney George Brauchler said.

But invulnerability counsel Daniel King countered that Holmes was tranquil by his schizophrenia.

“The mental illness caused this to happen. Only a mental illness caused this, and zero else,” King said.

Brauchler and King done their final appeals to jurors Tuesday, though it was misleading either deliberations would start after in a day or on Wednesday morning.

Holmes slipped into a packaged museum on Jul 20, 2012 — roughly 3 years ago — and non-stop fire. Twelve people died and 70 were injured.

Defense attorneys are seeking for a outcome of not guilty by reason of insanity, that would send Holmes to a state mental sanatorium for an unfixed commitment. Prosecutors contend Holmes should be convicted of murder and executed.

Brauchler again stressed a complicated fee on gullible victims who had left to see a midnight premier of a Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

“They came in anticipating to see a story of a favourite dressed in black, someone who would quarrel indomitable contingency for justice,” Brauchler said. “Instead, a opposite figure seemed by a screen. … He came there with one thing in his heart and his mind, and that was mass murder.”

Many of a victims and family members in a courtroom wept as Brauchler showed photos of a passed and bleeding and recounted their stories. Josh Nowlan, who was shot in a leg and walks with a cane, pulpy his hands into his eyes and shook.

Jurors showed no tension though craned their heads toward a gallery when Brauchler pronounced one badly bleeding victim, Caleb Medley, was seated there.

King urged a jurors to set aside a deeply romantic impact of a electrocute and confirm formed on a diction of a statute. He regularly told them a courtroom was “the outpost of a law.”

“Here in a outpost of a law, there is no room for loathing or punish or retaliation,” he said.

Holmes, now 27, does not brawl that he was a solitary gunman who pounded a museum though pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. His lawyers contend schizophrenia so mangled his mind he could not tell right from wrong, and that he was in a hold of a crazy breakdown.

“When he stepped into that theater, a justification is transparent that he could not control his thoughts, that he could not control his actions, and that he could not control his perceptions,” King said.

King pleaded with jurors to trust that Holmes’ mental illness was a solitary means of a attack. On a courtroom video screens, King showed mixed images of Holmes as he seemed in his initial justice appearance, wide-eyed with intolerable orange hair.

“I would ask we to do good, be strong, and do a right thing,” King said. “He’s not guilty by reason of insanity.”

Brauchler told jurors a justification shows Holmes knew what he was doing was bootleg and wrong and that he can't be deliberate violent underneath Colorado law.

The prosecutor methodically reviewed Holmes’ elaborate preparations, a horrific conflict and finally his preference to obey when he saw military shutting in outward a theater.

“That is logical. That is rational, and that is anything — anything — though psychotic,” he said.

Brauchler frequently forked during Holmes, who sat impassively during a invulnerability table, mostly looking during one of a 3 video screens in a courtroom.

“He knows it’s wrong,” Brauchler pronounced during one point. “Wrong for him, wrong for society.”

Both sides are perplexing to assistance jurors make clarity of thousands of pieces of justification and some-more than 250 witnesses who testified in a 11-week trial. With that information, it will be adult to a jury to confirm either prosecutors met their weight of proof Holmes was legally sane.

Two state-appointed debate psychiatrists who evaluated Holmes dynamic he was legally sane, notwithstanding serious mental illness. One of a doctors, William Reid, showed jurors scarcely 22 hours of infrequently chilling videotaped interviews in that Holmes haltingly describes holding aim during journey moviegoers and yearning to kill others to boost his possess self-worth.

The invulnerability called a possess psychiatrists who testified Holmes was insane.

Holmes spent months aggregation an arsenal of weapons and physique armor. He scrawled minute skeleton for a electrocute in a turn notebook, weighing that auditoriums in a Aurora museum formidable would concede for limit carnage.

Holmes also fraudulent his 800-square-foot unit into a potentially fatal butt trap that he hoped would obstruct military and paramedics from a museum as he set about his attack.

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