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LeBron James, Cavaliers creation really small of their 0-2 record opposite San …

SAN ANTONIO – The Cavaliers are 0-2 in a games that really count this season.

Are we stressing? Because they’re not.

In this a deteriorate where a Cavs’ accession as Eastern champions began a impulse a round initial went in their atmosphere Oct. 27, where they try to keep their concentration via an 82-game toil in that they are a hands-down favorites to strech a Finals again, they’ve mislaid to a dual teams many prognosticators have pegged to conflict them in June.

On Christmas, they fell during Golden State to a defending-champion Warriors by six. And on Thursday, they forsaken a 99-95 preference to a Spurs.

“We’re out there to win each diversion and to contest each game,” Cavs manager David Blatt said. “That’s also one of 82.”

You unequivocally wish to freak? James compared where Cleveland is in a report right now – losing to Western heavyweight San Antonio with a diversion in Houston a subsequent night, to a Cavs carrying to play in Portland a night after a Golden State loss.

“Hopefully we come out with a small bit improved energy, a small bit improved execution” opposite a Rockets, James said. The Cavs mislaid by 29 to a Blazers on Dec. 26, in box we had forgotten.

Also, there appears to be some doubt either James suits adult Friday. He scored a team-high 22 points to go with 7 rebounds and 5 assists in 37 formidable mins opposite a Spurs, locking adult with Kawhi Leonard.

This diversion in Houston is one a Cavs pegged as a probability to rest James – a second diversion of a behind to back, during a finish of a six-game highway trip, with a Warriors entrance to a Q Monday. He pronounced it was his “plan” to play in Houston, though he indispensable to speak it over with Blatt.

“It’s a tough one for us (Thursday), tough one for me, a lot of minutes, though we know hopefully, if my physique reacts a right way, I’ll be in a lineup (Friday),” James said.

The will-he, won’t-he things is noteworthy, or during slightest a small ironic, given when James was asked what he could take divided from his team’s waste in a dual games that really count, James done transparent he couldn’t be worried to cruise it, because, we know, there’s another diversion Friday.

“I can’t unequivocally elaborate on what we see,” James said. “You see dual well-coached teams (Spurs and Warriors), dual teams who play good together, and don’t make many mistakes. Obviously, we know, entrance to this building (San Antonio’s ATT Center, they’re never going to make many mistakes and (Spurs manager Gregg) Pop (Popovich) unequivocally puts those guys in a right position to be successful for their team.

“And for us to come in, both during Golden State and here and play some good basketball, we know, not as good as we would like to, we can learn from it.”

The Warriors kick a Lakers Thursday night and are a historically good 37-3. The Spurs are subsequent in a NBA during 35-6, and way, approach behind in third altogether (first in a East) are a Cavs during 27-10. The Thunder, whom a Cavs kick already, are fourth.

There was a lot of shoulder shrugging in Cleveland’s locker room Thursday night given it was flattering transparent since they lost. Nineteen turnovers, 12 dais points to a Spurs’ 35, and a 13-0 run early in a fourth entertain that rocked a Cavs behind on their heels.

Cleveland shot 39 percent in a fourth quarter’ a Spurs, 58 percent. Kyrie Irving was 6-of-17 from a margin overall; Kevin Love, 4-of-10.

Those factors are formidable to overcome in a building where a Spurs haven’t mislaid a regular-season diversion given Mar 12 when they fell to, well, a Cavs.

“I consider we could’ve executed better, generally opposite this team,” James said. “You’re means to do certain things opposite other teams that you’re not means to do contra we know a Spurs or a Golden States and a improved teams in a league.

“Obviously, it’s unequivocally tough to kind of ready in a regular-season diversion how we would if it was a playoff matchup. But, they did a good pursuit of holding us out of some a sets though we also had some unequivocally good looks that didn’t go down for us as well.”

When Cleveland played a Warriors on Christmas, it was usually Irving’s third diversion of a deteriorate after spending a initial dual months operative his approach behind from knee surgery. James scored 25 points opposite a Warriors though shot 10-of-26 and had some unsure plays late in a fourth entertain that could’ve incited a game.

James was steadier opposite a Spurs – he shot 9-of-17 – though Leonard is proof a estimable adversary. He combined 20 points and 10 rebounds and caused James difficulty removing into a pivotal late.

“He never changes,” James said. “Their invulnerability does a good pursuit of gripping me off change during times. What also doesn’t change is Tim Duncan behind him, as well. When we have a complement like that, and apparently Kawhi has some of a best hands, he’s a good defender and we adore going opposite him. But also, he’s never left alone.”

Perhaps Kyrie Irving best summed adult a Cavs’ state of mind when he was asked if he was endangered about a 0-2 record opposite a Warriors and Spurs.

“No, no, given they have to come to a home,” he said. “We’ll see what happens.”

And soon. The Warriors are due during The Q Monday, a Spurs on Jan. 30.

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