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Leon Cooperman’s Way: From a Bronx to Goldman to SEC Target

For a entertain century, Leon Cooperman gained a repute as a brash, old-school batch picker, building Omega Advisors Inc. into one of a biggest names in a hedge-fund game.

From his 33rd-floor aerie nearby Times Square, a stormy billionaire has prospered while obtuse lights, and some brighter ones, have been snuffed out by recent markets or out-of-date greed. 

But now, during 73, Cooperman finds himself in a quarrel of his life following allegations of insider trade during Omega.

“It took me 50 years of tough work and personification by a manners to get where we got and I’m not going to let these people destroy my legacy,” Cooperman pronounced Wednesday on a call with investors.

News that a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has indicted a $5.4 billion organisation and Cooperman of unlawful trades dumbfounded Wall Street, and with reason. Cooperman — a plumber’s son who bootstrapped his approach from a South Bronx to strong Goldman Sachs Group Inc. — is a tie in financial and munificent circles. Through his many appearances on radio and courtesy conferences, his gravel-voiced harrumph can be listened on trade floors opposite Manhattan and beyond.

While many sidestep funders equivocate a limelight, Cooperman has gained notice over Wall Street for his outspoken critique of President Barack Obama and, some-more recently, Hillary Clinton.

Why Cooperman Isn’t Facing Criminal Charges: QuickTake QA

“This isn’t a box where an worker is being charged with wrongdoing, this is a man whose name is on a door,” pronounced Brad Alford, who had invested in Omega when he worked during Duke University’s endowment.

It’s a conspicuous spin of events for Cooperman, one of a deans of a sidestep account courtesy and, in many ways, a reversion to a age before mechanism algorithms and high-frequency traders. Cooperman has prolonged distinguished value investing and pronounced regularly that he’s too set in his ways to change as a younger multiply of math and mechanism whizzes squeeze a spotlight.

‘Too Old’

“I’m too aged to learn new tricks,” Cooperman told Bloomberg News in a write talk in May.

Cooperman on Wednesday energetically denied a SEC’s allegations, that core on 2010 trades in Atlas Pipeline Partners, a healthy gas producer. In a energetic nine-minute call with investors, he began with an risqu� fun to explain given he’s articulate plainly about a case. He boasted that he could have staid it “for an amount which is distant reduction than what we present to present each year.”

The doubt is not usually either he can overcome opposite a SEC though also either he can ease concerned investors. No earlier had a SEC announced a box Wednesday morning than traders via a marketplace incited on Cooperman, transfer investments hold by Omega on a gamble a account competence be forced to sell. However a box plays out, many outsiders pronounced a account is roughly certain to face redemptions. Cooperman betrothed on a call that if a SEC box became a daze he would give investors in his supports their income back.


Omega’s resources have plunged by some-more than 40 percent from $9.4 billion in early 2015 as investors pulled their money. The New Jersey Investment Council, that had $150 million with Cooperman’s firm, started saving final year and will get behind all a income in Jan 2017, Joseph Perone, executive of communications, pronounced in an e-mail Wednesday.

Internal money, including Cooperman’s fortune, creates adult roughly 35 percent of a firm’s resources underneath management, he pronounced on a Wednesday call. He has pronounced he would cruise returning income to outward investors if Omega’s resources tumble subsequent a certain vague threshold.

“I have a series in mind,” Cooperman told Bloomberg in May, disappearing to elaborate. Whatever that series was, it could turn even some-more critical now in a eventuality a SEC box prompts investors to repel money.

“Leon Cooperman is one of a many obvious long-short equity managers,” pronounced Don Steinbrugge, handling partner of hedge-fund consulting organisation Agecroft Partners. “The hapless thing about a sidestep account courtesy is that if we are charged by a SEC it has a element impact on your business even if we are not eventually found guilty.”

South Bronx Kid

Cooperman has come a prolonged way from a South Bronx, where he bagged fruit and worked changing tires to make income as a teenager. He graduated from Hunter College before removing an MBA from Columbia University. At Goldman, he served as a longtime investigate arch and lobbied for years to enhance a income supervision efforts. When Goldman Sachs Asset Management was combined in 1988, he was a initial arch executive. He rose to a partner during a organisation before withdrawal in 1991 to start Omega.

Even his offices hark behind to another era. A sepia-toned print of aged Times Square covers an whole wall in a accepting area. From Cooperman’s office, subsequent to that of his deputy, Steven Einhorn, a perspective stretches toward Central Park. Bric-a-brac includes a mimic of Cooperman.

Outside financial circles, Cooperman has gained courtesy for his full-throated critique of what he regards as category crusade being waged by a Obama administration. He has shielded — aloud — billionaires and small millionaires, observant Clinton and other Democrats indiscriminately impugn a wealthy.

Defending Capitalism

Capitalists “are not a flay that they are too mostly done out to be,” Cooperman wrote in an open minute to Obama in 2011.

Cooperman after recounted in an talk with Bloomberg that after a minute was published, he was regaled by his associate members of a St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida. So many thanked him that he couldn’t eat his egg-white omelet in peace, he said.

Even before Wednesday’s news, Cooperman was observant his best days as a income manager competence be behind him.

“The golden duration for sidestep supports is 2000 to 2007,” Cooperman pronounced during a New York eventuality in June. “Money was entrance in over a transom, and it became really select during cocktail parties for hedge-fund group and hedge-fund women given they were outperforming required income managers and they were up.”

Giving Pledge

Golden age or not, Omega’s been means to mount by a numbers even in an sourroundings that’s been formidable for batch pickers. Omega has posted an normal annual lapse of 11 percent given a initial in 1991.

Cooperman has had ups and down. Omega mislaid 10 percent in a initial entertain of 2016, though has given wiped out losses. Its categorical account was adult some-more than 3 percent by Sept. 20, he pronounced on a financier call.

Cooperman is famous for his hospitality in New Jersey and to Jewish causes. He cited a Talmud as proclivity for donations. In a 2010 letter describing his oath to present during slightest half of his happening to charity, he said: “A man’s net value is totalled not by what he earns though rather what he gives away.”

“Pablo Picasso once celebrated that a definition of life is to find your gift, and a purpose of life is to give it away,” Cooperman pronounced on a call Wednesday, his voice wavering. “Well this child from a South Bronx found my present 50 years ago and we am vigilant on giving it behind to society, not a supervision and not a authorised profession.”

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