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Les Miles gets his biggest dissapoint victory, and it is well-earned

He rode off a margin on his players’ shoulders, a throng chanting his name: “Keep Les Miles! Keep Les Miles!”

And afterwards instead of an romantic farewell for Les Miles, we got a large surprise.

There wasn’t anything special about LSU’s 19-7 win against Texas AM on Saturday. It was a toil by common teams. It positively was not a kind of fatiguing matter that would have indicated LSU was prepared to plea Alabama again for SEC leverage — that of march is what all of this has been about, a reason Miles was about to be unceremoniously dumped.

But somehow reason prevailed in Baton Rouge.

Miles isn’t going anywhere. The manager with a tip winning commission in propagandize story — a man with a inhabitant pretension and a quirky play calls and press conferences, yet also a inhabitant pretension and a run of success unmatched in propagandize story — is gripping his job, as he should.

It’s a biggest dissapoint Miles has ever pulled off.

It’s flattering transparent a powers that be were prepared to compensate Miles adult to $15 million to be absolved of him, and afterwards to compensate some-more to captivate Jimbo Fisher from Florida State. Though it was never certain how tighten Fisher was to leaving, yet with all a courtesy in a past few days, a vigour on him to stay in Tallahassee surely increased.

With reports Saturday afternoon that Fisher had told a Florida State boss he wasn’t going anywhere, Miles’ standing substantially grew a small some-more secure. LSU could glow him, yet it better have a home-run sinecure lined up. If it wasn’t Fisher, who would it be?

And so Miles survives to manager again in Tiger Stadium.

Between now and 2016, he would be correct to revamp his descent philosophy. With Leonard Fournette returning, Miles doesn’t need to get wacky. But it’s time to go sinecure an descent coordinator who can move in a consistent, effective flitting diversion and who can rise quarterbacks (the indication would be what Bob Stoops did in employing Lincoln Riley final offseason, and see how that’s worked out for Oklahoma).

That would be a intelligent play by Miles, yet in a post-game news discussion Saturday night, even as he pronounced he would cruise staff changes, he sounded lukewarm on a idea. He should cruise it, though, given a genuine emanate hasn’t changed:

He always has been and will continue to be totalled opposite Nick Saban, his predecessor. It’s not a good comparison.

Since violence Alabama 9-6 in overtime in Tuscaloosa in 2011, a Tigers are 0-5 opposite a Crimson Tide (which to LSU fans, means opposite Saban), including a rematch after that year in a BCS inhabitant championship. And given then, even as Alabama has continued it run nearby a tip of college football and mostly atop a SEC West, LSU has clearly slipped. In Miles’ initial 7 seasons by 2011, LSU was 75-18, with a inhabitant championship in 2007 and dual SEC titles. Since then, a Tigers are 35-14 and usually 19-12 in SEC play.

Earlier this month, LSU was ranked No. 2 in a initial College Football Playoff Top 25. But in 3 uninterrupted waste by double digits, a Tigers’ flaws were exposed, and they were familiar. Miles’ best teams were built on fast, earthy defenses and absolute using games. But walking quarterback play also was a unchanging feature. When a run diversion was slowed, a Tigers mostly couldn’t pass their approach out of trouble.

This season, that meant they couldn’t gain on a different talents of Fournette. They couldn’t keep adult with Alabama. Or Arkansas or Mississippi, for that matter — that is also partial of this. It’s no longer only about Alabama, it’s that LSU has slipped to spin only another group in a imperishable SEC West.

But transfer Miles was always a dicey idea. Here’s a bulletin: Whenever a subsequent manager arrives — and whoever he is — he won’t be Saban, either.

It’s value zero that in a 40 years before Saban arrived in Baton Rouge for a 2000 season, LSU won dual undisguised SEC titles. There was a clarity afterwards that a module was a sleeping giant, and given what’s happened since, it substantially was. But even as Miles has built on Saban’s foundation, he also has had copiousness to do with a biggest run of success in a program’s history.

Whether he can spin this postpone into a miscarry stays to be seen. He could emerge stronger. Or this time subsequent year, we competence be articulate about how his 12th deteriorate was his last. In postmodern college football, with College Football Playoff vigour and notice overhanging extravagantly from diversion to diversion — or play to play — to manager that prolonged anywhere is an achievement.

For now, let’s applaud a large feat by a man who sounded beaten down final week, and with good reason: He disfigured in a breeze amid all those reports that he was gone, with no matter of support — no matter of anything — from jaunty executive Joe Alleva or any other poignant LSU central until after a diversion Saturday night, when Alleva said: “Les Miles is a football manager and will continue to be a football coach. … We’re going to go brazen and win championships here during LSU.”

Miles didn’t know he was staying until after a game. And after this episode, maybe Alleva and a other powerbrokers endangered should be endangered about their status. As for Miles? Maybe we shouldn’t be astounded after all.

He’s good famous for pulling spectacle finishes out of his hat.