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Let’s take a outing to a Disney gossip mill

October 26, 2018, 3:38 PM ·

Three rumors about Disney thesis parks have been attracting a lot of courtesy over a past integrate of weeks. As some of we competence have noticed, we haven’t created about any of them. But that doesn’t meant we have been ignoring a reports.

After articulate with associating people we honour in a industry, we do not trust that any of these rumors are a “done deals” that some have portrayed them to be. (And to be satisfactory here, as distant as we can tell, a initial sources of these rumors did not execute them as 100% unequivocal fact, either. That came as these rumors went viral and disfigured in a unavoidable diversion of telephone.) But we have found some engaging viewpoint in checking these rumors, that we now feel is value sharing.

Some background: we never wish to rubbish your time here on Theme Park Insider. Yes, it would be easier to play along with a crowd, join a relate cover and chuck adult a garland of clickbait. I’d substantially have a lot some-more income in a bank if we did. But I’m a realistic aged romantic who can’t pierce himself to do that. So let’s dive into some fact-based gossip analysis, instead.

Spaceship Earth

1. “Spaceship Earth is shutting for 2+ years”

There is no doubt inside a attention that Disney wants to do a estimable refurbishment on Spaceship Earth. The usually questions are when it will start and how prolonged it will last. Disney has systematic a designation of LED panels on a south face of Spaceship Earth, that will turn partial of a new World Showcase firth show, once IllumiNations closes after subsequent summer. But over that, Disney has not systematic any additional work on Spaceship Earth… yet.

Sources within Walt Disney Imagineering are famous for leaking proposals to exam fan reaction. But seeking people’s opinions on a offer doesn’t bleed a same form of ardent response as revelation them a offer is staid and going to happen. (For what it’s worth, we exclude to go along intentionally with dubious Theme Park Insider readers. So that creates this a bad forum for contrast proposals in a approach that these Disney sources wish to exam them. Others are happy to play along, though.)

Disney wants to know what fan greeting would be to an extended downtime for Epcot’s signature attraction. It also wants to know a blowback if Spaceship Earth were sealed for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021 or Epcot’s 40th in 2022. If we were using Disney, we would wish to know these things, too!

Spaceship Earth needs a re-do. The “personalization” animation no longer impresses anyone. As a story takes us from ancient times to a complicated day, it needs updating during a end each decade or so. The float complement could run some-more reliably and with reduction dear maintenance, if it were improved, too. All other things off a table, we would titillate Disney to usually tighten a thing after Christmas and start work, if asked. But Disney is deeply endangered about assemblage subsequent summer, should fans select to check their visits accessible a opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge subsequent fall. Disney is pulling to get Mickey Minnie’s Runaway Railway open for subsequent summer to assistance pull crowds. It doesn’t wish to undercut bid that by holding another vital captivate off a list during that time.

But pulling a start of Spaceship Earth’s refurb over subsequent tumble puts a reopening by Oct 1, 2021 in jeopardy. So Disney wants to sign a fan greeting to that. Should it revoke a range and length of a refurb? Or would fans cite that Disney get an progressing start, instead? Or are fans excellent with blank a WDW 50th, so prolonged as a refurb is finished by Epcot’s 40th? That’s what Disney government is deliberation now. But we have found no denote that a preference has been finished to a indicate of no return.

The DCA Super Hero land pivotal art

2. “The skeleton for DCA’s Marvel Land have leaked”

Unlike a prior rumor, we cruise there’s a probability that this one is usually someone’s imagination during work. Why? Because Disney’s options in removing this Super Hero-themed land open by a announced entrance date are so singular that a associating spectator could envision a lot of what is going to occur in this land. In other words, we could take a theory here and have a flattering good possibility during being right.

With a 2020 opening announced, Disney simply does not have a time to build a new dark-ride uncover building for this land — not in California, with a difficult building regulations. So any new attractions here will have to be carnival-type rides that Disney can implement outside, or an indoor captivate that it can implement inside a former “It’s Tough to Be a Bug” building. That means possibly a uncover or a screen-based ride. There’s simply not adequate room in there for anything else.

Disney also is building a Marvel-themed land during Hong Kong Disneyland, with skeleton to enhance Marvel’s participation during Walt Disney Studios in Paris. So keep those proposals in mind while meditative about a California Adventure land. The Marvel Super Heroes United live uncover didn’t accurately wow audiences during WDS final summer, so we doubt that Disney would gaunt on it as a centerpiece of a California land.

That leaves a screen-based float or uncover here. The dual options are to implement Hong Kong’s Iron Man ride, that is another Star Tours-like suit simulator, or to put in a Midway Mania-like shooter, that could be a scaled chronicle Hong Kong’s Ant-Man float (which is indeed a Buzz Lightyear makeover). Both transcribe float systems that Disney has already during a resort: one opposite a immature and one inside a same park. But a shooter float would be easier (and cheaper) to install, so let’s go with it. And Disney’s pivotal art for a new land facilities Spider-Man, so let’s also assume that a float will be themed to what is arguably Marvel’s many renouned character, instead of Ant-Man or Iron Man.

To fill out a land, there’s a Stark Expo uncover from Disney in Paris, or a Doctor Strange bit from Disney World that got plussed for a Disney Cruise Line. Take your pick, or go for both. Long term, Disney has an accessible parking lot south of Mission Breakout that it is eying for proviso dual of a Marvel land. Slot 2023’s Marvel lane ride/coaster from Hong Kong Disneyland into that space.

But are a screen-based shooter and an outside uncover or dual adequate to anchor a new Disney thesis park land, generally one themed to what is arguably a many renouned stream film authorization in a world? This is where a unfolding of another WDI/Disney government hearing balloon enters a picture. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will have non-stop during Disneyland a summer before. Surely that land will be renouned adequate to means increasing captivate for a second summer, right? Does Disney unequivocally need a Marvel land during California Adventure to change a crowds, or can it wait a deteriorate or dual (or three) to open it as a finished land, instead of as a initial of dual parts?

The usually intensity rival vigour for Disney in Southern California is Universal Studios Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World, that positively will not be prepared by 2020, as construction hasn’t left straight for it yet. Is Disney contrast fan greeting to see if it can wait over 2020 for a DCA Marvel land, or to see if it needs to piquancy adult a charity with additional or plussed attractions?

Your theory is as good as mine.

Indiana Jones float during Tokyo DisneySea

3. “Disney’s Animal Kingdom is removing an Indiana Jones land”

It’s Halloween season, so how suitable that we would have a thesis park gossip arise from a grave, like a zombie.

If we have review my 10-step routine to assistance we improved decider thesis park rumors, symbol this one as step-one spitballing. we am certain that during some point, Disney has spec’d out a intensity for converting DAK’s Dino land into an Indiana Jones theme. The Dinosaur float uses a same float complement and lane blueprint for Disneyland’s Indiana Jones ride. The Boneyard mine array is an easy switch to an Indiana Jones thesis — usually bury feign artifacts instead of dino fossils. Replace a dual prosaic rides few people will skip with usually about anything (maybe a Indy coaster from TDS and DLP?), redecorate a rest of a land, and you’re good to go. The proposal’s relations palliate make it alluring — to both Disney and rumormongers.

But Walt Disney World’s construction dance label is filled by 2022, during a earliest, with Star Wars, a Magic Kingdom’s Tron coaster, and a new Epcot rides. Now that would put Disney’s Animal Kingdom during a tip of a revolution among a 4 parks for something new. While an Indiana Jones makeover would yield a comparatively inexpensive option, it would need to fit into Disney’s broader plan with a Indiana Jones franchise. If another Disney authorization blows adult between now and 2022, Disney competence good confirm to go in that instruction instead of returning to a impression it’s had in a parks for decades.

So suffer kicking around this thought for a subsequent few years, if you’d like. But during this point, it stays speculation. It’s not nonetheless news.

Update: A source reached out to contend that a latest turn on a Indy gossip is that it would reinstate a attempt uncover during DHS, and not Dinoland USA. To me, that sounds even some-more improbable that a DAK rumor, given that Hollywood Studios already will have gotten Toy Story Land, Star Wars, and Runaway Railway, in brief order.

If this is another hearing balloon, it advise to me that a doubt is possibly a Indiana Jones thesis or a attempt uncover format is some-more critical to fans. If a greeting to a gossip seems to preference a deputy land, Disney can infer that a Indy thesis matters some-more to fans. But if people seem to cite a attempt uncover over something else Indy-themed in that space, Disney competence infer that it’s a attempt uncover itself that people caring about more… and take that as a immature light to cruise switching a uncover to another theme.

Again, it’s speculation.

The 10-step routine to assistance decider thesis park rumors

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Replies (9)

October 26, 2018 during 4:15 PM

Personally, I’m excellent on watchful for Marvel Land until it is totally finished and not expelled in apart phases.

We’ve seen with Pixar Pier that opening a land/area with some of it unprepared can means headaches and simply demeanour unappealing.

For such an IP like Marvel, I’d cite them take their time and have a showy recover instead of rushing it to palliate SWL crowds.

October 26, 2018 during 7:51 PM

An Indy Land should be during DHS. More still needs to be finished there. DAK is good, MK is good, EPCOT is next.

October 26, 2018 during 8:10 PM

Spaceship Earth should never have mislaid a booster and astronauts during a rise Of a ride. It was an amazing.

October 26, 2018 during 8:21 PM

I saw all these stories as well, and was vacant during how many other outlets picked adult on them, all sourced to a strange gossip post yet any serve digging for information. we always tell people that until Disney strictly announces it, take it with a vast pellet of salt. And even when Disney DOES announce it, keep a pellet of salt on palm usually in box it falls by (like Disneyland’s fourth hotel).

October 27, 2018 during 7:36 AM

I find it unequivocally engaging that Disney will possibly have to tinge down proviso 1 Marvel land in California or pierce behind a opening date significantly. First off a promo design did prominently arrangement Spider-Man. we cruise it would be a large mistake to have a some-more simplified Phase 1 float featuring Spider-Man as their categorical pull of a land during opening. we know it’s on apart coasts yet Universal Orlando also has a Spider-Man float that even nonetheless it’s coming 20 years aged is one of a improved dim rides out there. Now I’m not observant it’s a best ever, yet it still ranks high on peoples favorite float lists. It was pronounced ever given Disney acquired Marvel that if they build a Mavel land it would be directly compared to Universal’s. Now if they emanate a float formed on a brands many renouned favourite that already has a unequivocally good float we feel we need to make it during slightest equal yet unequivocally should be perplexing to step it adult another notch. If they don’t pierce it with a unequivocally good Spider-Man ride, that’s a large destroy in my book.

October 27, 2018 during 1:56 PM

The Spaceship Earth gossip is believable, and given that it’s in Epcot we cruise it creates some-more clarity to premiere a new chronicle for Epcot’s 40th rather than WDW’s 50th (especially given that will have so many other things trustworthy to it). we doubt it would be utterly as endless as portrayed, yet a float unequivocally is Epcot’s signature dim float and a much-needed renovate would be a good upgrade.

I have listened from a few places that DCA’s Marvel Land will be built adult in 2-3 phases, with a initial proviso opening in 2020 (probably in box MCU recognition declines post-Avengers 4) and a second proviso a year or dual later. More expected than not, a initial proviso will be about formulating an interactive superhero star identical to Star Wars Land, afterwards a second will embody a tangible rides. Whether it will breeze adult operative or not is anyone’s guess…I’ve got a feeling it competence extend trips, yet won’t get new trips until proviso dual is ready.

The Indy rumor, on a other hand, seems rarely unimaginable to me, generally if built in Animal Kingdom. we could maybe see it during DHS, yet not for 5+ years, and usually if a new Indy film does intensely well. As good as Indiana Jones is, a window for that authorization has rather passed, and it would substantially be improved for Disney to deposit in an IP that is some-more appealing to a stream generation.

October 29, 2018 during 4:48 AM

I so wish Indiana Jones ends adult in Anaimal Kingdom and NOT Hollywood Studios

October 29, 2018 during 4:56 AM

Jumping on AJ’s comment. we don’t trust a Indiana Jones window has passed. A bequest IP always has a place in a Disney parks. A Snow White drum coaster is being introduced in parks and tha’ts a “original” IP. A new Peter Pan captivate is in formulation for Disney Seas. Indy will always work.

October 29, 2018 during 10:11 AM

As a prolonged time Disney Supporter of oh contend 70 years, we am confounded during some of these changes by a years, instance :High park prices and Cruise Rates (I am a Florida Resident) Reboots…….This final insult of dropping Johnny Depp from Pirates is not usually a insult to His fan base,but will cost a dump in a fan bottom for Disney.BTW we am a woman. we was along with family and many friends visited a parks, took their cruises for over a past 25 years. WE ARE DONE.

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