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Li Ka-shing Retires, Ending Career of One of Asia’s Top Tycoons

Close Chinese ties had their downside too, quite in a U.S., as critics including former President Ronald Reagan’s invulnerability secretary to ex-Republican Senate personality Trent Lott uttered concerns about Li’s attribute with China — allegations denied by Li’s camp. The concerns got genuine adequate for a U.S. inhabitant confidence examination to frustrate Li’s bid to buy partial of Global Crossing Ltd., that operated a fixed-line communications network in North America, in 2003.
Li maintains an heated report good into his 80s, observant in a 2016 Bloomberg talk that he works as many as 16 hours daily, 7 days a week. Long after he became a billionaire, Li wore a elementary Seiko watch rather than a Rolex or other luxury brands elite by his rich peers. In his 80s, he done a tiny ascent to a Citizen that cost around $400, he told Bloomberg in 2016, though even afterwards chose something elementary and durable.

Article source: https://www.bloombergquint.com/china/2018/03/16/li-ka-shing-retires-ending-career-of-one-of-asia-s-top-tycoons


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