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Liberia: L’Aphie Travels and Tours Booked for Duping Travelers

Monrovia – Angeline and Gabriel Nyanti could not make their vacation outing to Ghana when a tickets they had allegedly purchased from L’Aphie Travels and Tours bounced on a opposite during a airport.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson-Mbayo, [email protected]

The integrate purchased their tickets on Oct 25, 2018, and was scheduled to transport on Dec 22, 2018 though on their attainment during a Roberts International Airport (RIA), a integrate was told that they were not requisitioned for a flight.

“During a unchanging check-in exercises during a airport, we were told a engagement anxiety is non-existent. Immediately, we phoned them on several counts, though to no avail.”

Nyanti in an talk with FrontPageAfrica pronounced a movement by a organisation brought annoyance to them and they will not let it go outward a law.

He pronounced when a occurrence occurred a organisation was immediately contacted and a male identified as Lewis Pony Wah, who is a handling director, betrothed that a emanate would be resolved immediately.

According to Nyanti, Wah told him that a organisation will find a approach so that they can transport on Monday, Dec 23, 2018, though there was no acknowledgment as promised.

He also pronounced no reinstate or distribution of a new sheet was finished though rather a organisation has usually left mute.

“I attempted contacting Alpha Tah, a CEO and Founder of L’ Aphie Travels and Tours, her phone rang endlessly. She has not given me a call behind yet,” he narrated.

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According to him, they had to compensate an additional US$150 to cancel a hotel that was requisitioned to board in during their stay in Ghana.

“We requisitioned a hotel forward of time and paid US$120 as partial of a hotel rules.”

Nyanti has called on a Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, a Liberian government’s arm carrying oversight, to examine a organisation since a conditions is not usually singular to him.

He purported that 14 persons are now experiencing a same conditions of not traveling.

“This is a organisation of orderly criminals; it is not a technical glitch, they are wakeful of it. Police should examine and if they are liable, they should not be done to transport free.

He pronounced his mother is terrible for a annoyance brought to them by a transport and debate agency.

The Liberia National Police has reliable that dual employees of a organisation have been arrested and are undergoing investigation.

The military officer says they might announce managers of a organisation as wanted and are on a run.

The military reliable that a dual suspects are a sheet attendants, who told investigators that a income was incited over to their trainer and that they usually work for them.

The military have alluded that if a managers of L’Aphie Travels and Tours exclude to seem for investigation, they will assign a dual and send them to justice after a Christmas while a others are being pursued.

Article source: https://frontpageafricaonline.com/front-slider/liberia-laphie-travels-and-tours-booked-for-duping-travelers/