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List of reported Texas Tech conduct coaching candidates

Kliff Kingsbury was let go Sunday afternoon after a unsatisfactory 5-7 season. In usually a brief matter of time, Texas Tech has been a hum in regards to a intensity coaches. Kirby Hocutt has finished this demeanour like a premiere pursuit and competence now be a hottest pursuit in a country. Reports have come out with some intensity names that we might hear called as a subsequent Texas Tech conduct coach.

Clemson Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables

Venables has been a prohibited name in coaching round for years now. After orchestrating a daunting Oklahoma invulnerability in a 2000s and afterwards evading to manager Clemson on a approach to a inhabitant championship, Venables name has garnered some notoriety. After winning a Defensive Coordinator of a Year Award in 2015 and a Broyles Award for tip partner in 2016, Venables has been a tip name for open coaching vacancies for a past few years now nonetheless has consistently incited down those offers given of how gentle he is during Clemson.

What creates many trust he could take a Texas Tech pursuit is Kirby Hocutt. Hocutt and Venables were not usually teammates during K-State, nonetheless also played a same position and were roommates. They are truly good friends and still speak constantly. The attribute a conduct manager and jaunty executive share contingency be a good and clever one and many times that explains because Brett Bielema leaves Wisconsin for Arkansas or because Mike Guundy threatens to leave Oklahoma State each year. Though Venables has consistently spin down jobs, it’d be worse for him to do so in this situation.

Venables’ trust of Texas recruiting and laxity with a Big 12 creates him a tip claimant for this job.

* Update *

Venables confirms that Hocutt has contacted him and nonetheless this sounds like he’s branch a pursuit down for now, we still wouldn’t cranky his name off a list usually yet.

West Virginia Head Coach Dana Holgorsen

Kirby Hocutt was means to captivate one of Lubbock’s favorite sons home, will he be means to take on a taller charge and captivate another? Holgorsen spent 8 years during Texas Tech coaching underneath Mike Leach, Holgorsen’s family spent a good apportionment of their lives in Lubbock and he still has many west Texas connections. This all sounds eerily identical to Chris Beard who spurned UNLV to come to Texas Tech. Holgorsen has spent a final 8 seasons coaching West Virginia and presiding over their pierce to a Big 12 and attempting to make West Virginia a inhabitant code once again.

Why would Holgorsen make such a move? Besides his ties to Texas Tech, Holgorsen hasn’t accurately been good perceived during West Virginia. Holgorsen didn’t utterly get along with Bill Stewart who was a good desired conduct manager directly before Holgorsen. Stewart went into an executive purpose once Holgorsen was hired and from afterwards on tragedy between Holgorson and administration grew. Not usually that nonetheless a fan bottom is fractured and divided identical to a Texas Tech fanbase’s attribute with Tommy Tuberville. This misunderstanding might be adequate for Holgorsen to come behind home where he belongs.

Oregon Defensive Coordinator Jim Leavitt

This is an outward sinecure right out of a gate. Leavitt was Hocutt’s linebacker manager during Kansas State and a dual sojourn tighten today. I’m certain Hocutt would adore to get his dear crony behind into a conduct coaching ranks, however there’s a big emanate surrounding Leavitt. Leavitt was dismissed for actor abuse and for a module that dismissed their manager roughly a decade ago for allegedly abusing a player, employing one would seem really hypocritical.

Not usually that, nonetheless Leavitt’s career hasn’t exactlty been one to be vehement about. Leavitt started adult a South Florida football module and did a decent pursuit with a Bulls. He went 95-57 nonetheless never finished aloft than third in Conference USA or a revamped Big East. Leavitt has been a Oregon DC for a past dual seasons and has a Ducks now ranked seventh in a Pac-12 in scoring invulnerability after they were ranked eighth final year.

Utah State Head Coach Matt Wells

Wells’ name has turn increasingly renouned as he assimilated a Utah State staff as a QB manager in 2011 and given then, a Aggies have been to a play diversion in 6 of a final 7 years after going to usually 6 in a prior 108 years. Wells knows how to manager quarterbacks and that alone might be sparkling to hear for people who still will put a value on Alan Bowman’s destiny development.

The vital obstacle to Wells is his coaching unawareness as he’s usually been a conduct manager for 5 years and has never coached during a energy 5 level. Can someone who’s usually been informed with a WAC Mountain West be means to make it work in a Big 12?

Memphis Head Coach Mike Norvell

Mike Norvell is a name that’s going to hoard captivate opposite a country. He’s being mentioned for a Colorado, Maryland and Louisville jobs as good as Tech’s. Norvell has now led a Memphis Tigers to behind to behind AAC championship games and has helped make Memphis one of a tip Group of 5 teams in a country. Before Memphis, Norvell was a descent coordinator during both Pittsburgh and Arizona State. While during ASU, he had a offense humming as a group was consistently ranked.

Norvell’s biggest emanate is that he now has 0 ties to Texas recruiting. At Texas Tech, we have to know how to partisan in Texas and he simply isn’t informed with any of it. That being said, it’s not formidable for a conduct manager to sinecure people that do. Matt Rhule finished a identical burst usually dual years ago and he has already finished a decent pursuit during Baylor.

North Texas Head Coach Seth Littrell

Troy Head Coach Neal Brown

Speculation about these dual have been prevalent a whole year. Have to trust that both would be flattering good worst-case scenarios for Hocutt. Littrell is a former Oklahoma using behind who coached during Texas Tech for 3 years and has had Power 5 success as a OC during Arizona, Indiana and North Carolina. Littrell’s staff would also expected include of former Texas Tech quarterback fable Graham Harrell that would meant a atmosphere raid would sojourn a Texas Tech staple. Littrell has undertaken utterly a turnaround pursuit during UNT as he took over a group that had left 1-11 a year before and now has usually finished behind to behind nine-win seasons for a initial time given 1978.

Many might remember Neal Brown for his time as OC during a Tommy Tuberville era. Though many fans might not acquire Brown, there’s no doubt he had a Tech offense relocating as Tech was consistently tip 15 in a nation with Brown pursuit a shots on offense. Brown has been during Troy given 2015 and is one win divided from his third true 10-win season. Before Brown, Troy hadn’t had a double number win deteriorate in their history, nor had Troy left to a play diversion given 2010. Under Brown’s regime, Troy also came tighten to defeating a Clemson group that went on to win a National Championship, and went on to better normal powerhouses like LSU in 2017 and Nebraska in 2018. Brown has found vital success and will be rewarded for it really soon.

The problem for both of these coaches is that a pierce from Conference USA or a Sun Belt to a Big 12 is a vital pierce and one that conjunction manager might be prepared for. That being said, there’s no doubt that both of them have garnered success.

Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach

We all know Mike Leach’s credentials. We all know how good of a manager he is, nonetheless this ain’t function people. Leach is doing what he does each off-season after a successful year. He’s finished it during Washington State he past few years and he did it during Texas Tech as well. He’s leveraging his stream conditions and even if it’s not him privately doing it, it’s really his agent.

Other names that haven’t been reported, nonetheless have come adult as intensity replacements in media:

Houston Head Coach Major Applewhite

Applewhite is informed with a Big 12, Texas state recruiting and used to be an OC with Texas. However, I’d privately advise opposite employing a man that might be coaching for his possess pursuit in a subsequent year or so.

LSU Defensive Coordinator Dave Aranda

Was related to Tech final year had Kingsbury been let go then. I’m extraordinary if conduct coaching gigs are like presidential elections to where if we run once, we forget about we going forward. Either way, Aranda is still a nation’s tip paid partner and used to be Tech connoisseur assistant. He would check off many boxes for a conduct coaching candidacy.

Texas Defensive Coordinator Todd Orlando

Orlando has finished a flattering good pursuit removing a Longhorn invulnerability prepared tip play on a weekly basement and has already helped UT make a Big 12 championship diversion in usually his second year there. Not to discuss Houston had one of a best defenses in a nation during his tenure. That being said, Orlando has 0 conduct coaching knowledge and Texas is his initial ambience of being on a Power 5 team. I’d rather not understanding with another chairman training how to be a conduct coach.

SMU Head Coach Sonny Dykes

Six year ago, this pursuit could’ve been Dykes nonetheless he had usually taken a Cal pursuit and didn’t wish to renege. Since then, he had utterly a scattered reign during Cal and taken over an SMU pursuit that seemed to be in sparse good figure nonetheless still missed a play diversion this season. Many aged propagandize Tech fans would like this sinecure for final name nostalgia sake, nonetheless Dykes might’ve missed his event 6 years ago.

Former Baylor Head Coach Art Briles

This is all we have to contend about Briles.

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