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Liu Xiaoming: Why China should not be done a victim for a UK’s steel woes

Second, in a post-financial problem era, liberation stays diseased and direct stays wanting in many of a economies. Steel overcapacity so becomes an strident emanate worldwide and steelmakers, wherever they are, face identical difficulties. The UK is not alone. Steel companies in Europe, China and over are all trapped in a same predicament.

Third, a cost of steel production, including energy, work and environmental costs, is rather high here in a UK. In face of extreme tellurian competition, British companies in ubiquitous are reduction rival and reduction essential in a domain of typical and low-end steel production.

Steel alien from China, amounts of that are really limited, has small to do with a problem of a UK’s steel industry. In both volume and value, steel from China creates adult usually a fragment of a UK’s sum steel imports.

In 2015, for example, of a UK’s 6.66m tons of imports, usually 11pc, or 760,000 tons, were from China. If put in value, that was $457m, usually 7.6pc of a $5.98bn total.  Moreover, steel products from China are mostly low value-added, such as typical steel rods and plates, that Britain no longer creates and would have to import from other countries anyway. 

Therefore, imports from China have no impact on a British steel market.

On a contrary, by importing steels from China, a auto, machinery, construction and other British industries have effectively lowered their costs and increasing their distinction margin. And imports from China are not “dumping”, as some claim. The Chinese steel manufacturers have followed marketplace manners particularly when exporting to Britain.

Like their British counterparts, steelmakers in China are also in difficulty.  But distinct in Britain, a conditions in China is even some-more critical and challenging. Over a past 3 years, China has reduced steel ability by 90m tons. In 2015, for a initial time in scarcely 30 years, China’s wanton steel prolongation fell by 2.3pc year on year.

Article source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/04/10/liu-xiaoming-why-china-should-not-be-made-a-scapegoat-for-the-uk/