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Liverpool’s low audience in Malaysia blamed on Gerrard and Sterling exits

A co-promoter of a Malaysian leg of Liverpool’s four-game Asian debate has claimed that a departures of Steven Gerrard and Raheem Sterling contributed to a comparatively low assemblage during a Bukit Jalil Stadium in Kuala Lumpur.

The diversion final week between a Premier League bar and a Malaysia name XI finished 1-1 with an unaccepted assemblage of around 50,000, reduction than a 80,000 that had watched a identical accessible in 2013 during a same arena. That was notwithstanding an active selling debate on radio and promotions involving Subway and a giving divided of motorbikes.

“After Steven Gerrard’s departure, a assemblage positively forsaken as many fans wanted to see him and Sterling as well,” Andrew Doh, selling executive during a Kuala Lumpur-based Stream Empire Holdings, that worked with Pro Events, an Asia-based football promoter, to marketplace a game, told a Guardian. “Based on a feedback we received, final season’s opening also contributed. If they can get some large names in, some players who are some-more prominent, they will turn some-more renouned again.”

There was a identical story in Bangkok in a initial diversion of a debate with a customarily full Rajamangala Stadium half-empty for a revisit of Liverpool, traditionally good upheld in south-east Asia, yet dual inserted games in Australia were some-more successful.

Syafiq Acan, a member of a Liverpool fans’ bar All Reds Malaysia, blamed Stream Empire Holdings and Pro Events for a reduced crowd. “Liverpool fans are angry with a organisers who did not organize a eventuality properly. The fans could not even accommodate a players.”

Acan, who claimed that Liverpool are still a many followed organisation in Malaysia, also criticised a timing of a game. “Malaysia is mostly populated by Muslims and that day was partial of a inhabitant holiday of Eid Mubarak. Friday is also a day of work and people do not finish until five.”

Doh deserted a criticism. “It was not only us holding a event, there were other hands concerned too,” he said, adding that Friday was not a cause in a assemblage even if a holiday did have an effect.

There were other controversies. The revisit of Spurs in May and Liverpool caused Malaysia Super League games to be postponed, call extreme critique of a Football Association of Malaysia.

The Ultras Malaya fan organisation called for a protest of what it called “circus games”. Although that was not suspicion to have reduced assemblage it did emanate disastrous headlines in domestic media. As did a fact that in a days heading adult to a Liverpool game, some heading Malaysian clubs who were fighting it out for a pretension refused to recover players to face a five-times European champions.

Article source: http://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/jul/29/liverpool-malaysia-low-attendance-steven-gerrard-raheem-sterling-departures