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Louisiana Eats: Time Travels Through Historic Restaurants


On this week’s show, we’re holding a debate of a iconic restaurants that have done a transformative impact on American cuisine.


We start with acclaimed Yale story professor Paul Freedman, who explores dual centuries of chronological and informative changes in his book Ten Restaurants That Changed America. Paul’s list weaves together culinary and amicable historyfrom the innovators of roadside dining to a vanguards of haute cuisine.


Next, we take a revisit to Antoine’s, a essential New Orleans grill that graces a pages of Paul’s book. Established in 1840, Antoine’s Restaurant is a longest using family operated grill in America. Today, CEO Rick Blount is operative tough to safeguard Antoine’s staying energy in the 21st century grill landscape.


Then, we learn about another inhabitant dining treasure, Delmonico’s Restaurant, that non-stop in 1837. Located in New York’s Financial District, Delmonico’s is a nation’s oldest grill still open today. We pronounce with Executive Chef Billy Oliva and Marketing Director Carin Sarafian, who illuminate Delmonico’s remarkable history.


We’re time roving by grill story on this week’s Louisiana Eats!  

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