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Luka Doncic or Trae Young: Which Traded Rookie Has Best Shot during ROY?

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We all adore trades on NBA breeze night, and not usually since they inform what is mostly an anticlimactic event. No, a beauty of draft-night trades is that they couple dual players for perpetuity, so gifting observers a event to spend a subsequent decade debating all sorts of fun shoulda woulda couldas.

Take Thursday night’s intriguing understanding between a Atlanta Hawks and Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks, soft by a intensity of Luka Doncic, gave adult a destiny first-round pick—according to ESPN.com’s Tim MacMahon, it is top-five stable in 2019 and 2020, top-three stable in 2021 and 2022, and defenceless in 2023—to burst dual spots and seize Doncic during No. 3. That sent a Hawks down to No. 5, where they drafted former Oklahoma star Trae Young.

It will be during least, oh, a half-decade before we can announce a leader of this deal. But we can try to augur that of these dual players is some-more expected to take home subsequent season’s Rookie of a Year Award. Oddsmakers currently have Doncic listed during 3-1 to be a 2019 Rookie of a Year, second usually to Phoenix Suns large male Deandre Ayton. Young, during 7-1, is fourth.


Why Is Doncic Favored?

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Doncic was a some-more rarely touted prospect. Many scouts and analysts had a 6’8″ swingman pegged as a tip awaiting in this draft. He averaged 14.2 points, 5.3 rebounds and 4.5 assists per diversion this deteriorate personification for Real Madrid, who he helped lead to a pretension in Spain’s ACB League (widely noticed as a second-best fasten in a word), and he did all that notwithstanding being usually 19.

“He’s fundamentally a high propagandize child yet was one of a best players in Europe,” an NBA director pronounced before to a draft. “He can play mixed positions, sees a building unequivocally good and has room to grow on a justice and into his body. It’s implausible how good he is during this age.”

This, no doubt, is one of a reasons a Mavericks had to cough adult a destiny collect with light protection. Once a Sacramento Kings upheld on Doncic during No. 2, it’s satisfactory to assume a Hawks fielded mixed offers.

Doncic is also jumping into an ideal situation. The Mavericks struggled final year, yet they’re not a arrange of black hole that many early-lottery picks get swept into. Look during their register and it’s easy to prognosticate that Doncic, a awaiting whose “position” can best be described as point-forward, will fit in perfectly.

Dallas’ conduct coach, Rick Carlisle, is widely deliberate one of a league’s premier tacticians. The Mavs still have Dirk Nowitkzi, a destiny Hall of Famer with some gas left in his tank whose flitting and sharpened make a diversion easier for those around him. Dennis Smith Jr. and Harrison Barnes are means to do a infancy of a scoring.

Doncic’s pursuit will be to simply play his game: Run a floor, pierce a round to his shot-makers and make plays.

The Mavericks competence not shelve adult many wins, yet many teams featuring Rookie of a Year possibilities don’t (this past deteriorate was an aberration).

Doncic is fasten a injured yet gifted group that will intensify all his best qualities. That’s not mostly a box with tip prospects.


The Case for Young

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On a other hand, we usually spent an whole collegiate deteriorate saying what happens when Trae Young is given a round and giveaway rein. He’s entrance off one of a many considerable and bomb seasons in college basketball history, heading a nation in both points and assists per diversion and drilling 118 triples while sharpened 36.0 percent.

“His sharpened can be special, and his flitting can be special,” a second NBA director pronounced before a draft.

The question—as you, Diehard NBA Fan, no doubt know by now—is possibly his invulnerability will be clever adequate to concede him to sojourn on a floor. Young wasn’t a peaceful defender in Oklahoma, yet to be fair, most of that could be attributed to his carrying to lift a bucket on offense.

But he’s slim (about 180 pounds) and not really high (6’2″), prolonged (a 6’3″ wingspan, a shortest wingspan during this year’s NBA Draft Combine) or strong. That will make him a consistent aim on a defensive end, that could impact his personification time by forcing him off a building or into tainted trouble.

As of now, Young will also have to possibly share a round with or behind adult obligatory starter Dennis Schroder, Atlanta’s heading scorer final year.

The Hawks, according to reports, and also common sense, are expected to emporium Schroder this summer. He’s due to make $46.5 million over a subsequent 3 years, a series a rebuilding Hawks would adore to get off. But that could also make him tough to deal; there aren’t many teams with a vivid need during indicate guard.

Even if Young’s descent diversion translates during a subsequent level, there are obstacles in his trail that could forestall him from putting adult a arrange of numbers we’d design to see from a Rookie of a Year winner. That’s not to contend he can’t take home a award.

It does, however, leave us similar with Vegas and desiring some-more in a benefaction of Doncic.


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