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Malaysia arrests 7 Filipinos with Abu Sayyaf links

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian troops arrested 7 Filipino confidence guards suspected of being members of a scandalous kidnap-for-ransom Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), authorities announced on Thursday (Sep 21).

The men, who were nabbed in a counter-terror raid on Sep 14, sneaked into a nation around Sandakan, Sabah, regulating fake documents, according to a police.

“All 7 suspects aged between 22 and 38 worked as confidence guards during several private companies around Selangor and Kuala Lumpur,” Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun pronounced a press statement.

One of a suspects, aged 22, is a member of ASG who was concerned in clashes with a Philippine military, as good as kidnappings in southern Philippines.

According to an comprehension source, one of a confidence guards worked for Syabas, a vital H2O application company. No weapons were found on a suspects when they were arrested, pronounced a source.


The find of a southern Philippines-based Abu Sayyaf suspects operative as confidence guards in Malaysia raises worries of a new trend among apprehension suspects to censor their identities by holding on a pursuit of confidence crew themselves, pronounced a comprehension source.

“There is a probability that this is a new trend by them (terror suspects) to censor their identities from authorities by operative as confidence guards. This pursuit also helps them get easy entrance to weapons as good as devoted information,” a comprehension source told Channel NewsAsia.

“This is a dangerous growth as confidence guards are people who are devoted by a public.”

Their detain comes following a Aug 30 arrests of members of an Abu Sayyaf dungeon that had designed to launch apprehension attacks on a shutting rite of a 29th SEA Games during a Bukit Jalil National Stadium and a 60th Independence Day rite on Merdeka Square.

The source pronounced a 7 ASG suspects were also partial of a tract to conflict a SEA Games and Independence Day celebrations.


Apart from their devise to launch attacks, a 7 suspects also came to Malaysia to demeanour for work.

“They came in Malaysia to demeanour for work … their lives were being squeezed in Philippines to a indicate where their mom had to sell their land in a encampment to compensate for their thoroughfare to Malaysia,” pronounced a source.

There were no sum on either a 7 suspects are related.

“Since a start of this year, a sum of 41 foreigners who have been categorised as unfamiliar militant fighters have been arrested by a Special Branch’s opposite terrorism division,” pronounced Fuzi.

“The Royal Malaysian troops will continue to launch operations to snippet and detain unfamiliar militants who penetrate into Malaysia to take shelter, lift funds, launch attacks in a nation or to spin Malaysia into a bottom to launch attacks in third countries.” 

(Additional stating by Melissa Goh)

Article source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/malaysia-arrests-7-filipinos-with-abu-sayyaf-links-9235724